What will be the next step in social media?

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I wonder, what will be the next step in social media?

Yes, sharing with family and friends is the traditional and ideal way of socializing. Now technology has introduced a new dimension to human relationships.

Of course, the leap was not so abrupt for the last generations. Although it certainly is, when compared to the known written history of humanity.

In less than a hundred and fifty years, we went from village chats and postal communications on horseback to the telegraph and telephone by wires. Then, within a generation's lifetime, wireless and satellite technology connected us in real-time.

I imagine the stunned face of a medieval man if he saw us interacting with each other via smartphones or laptops. It would sure seem like pure magic to him.

By the way, judging by the dizzying pace of technological progress. I find it hard to believe the estimate of the age of modern man: 200 thousand years.

We hardly know the last 10,000 years. So what happened to the missing 190,000 years.

In that sense, it is easy to speculate on lost civilizations and a continuous reboot.

I reckon that, by logic, there were at least 20 restarts.

So, as the ancient wisdom of our cycle states, there is nothing new under the sun.

Last weekend, I watched the disaster movie 2012 for the umpteenth time. Perhaps, the fiction is a reflection of the multiple destructions that have occurred.

I suppose these extinct civilizations also had their own social media.

I imagine the mythical Atlantis as a society just like ours, with its own social media.

Well! Going back to the initial idea, I think that the next step in social media is toward total decentralization in their use.

The digital age that came with the Internet was hijacked by organizations.

In the beginning, the Internet was a promise of freedom. However, they gradually manipulated the system to abort the implicit democratic ideas.

Technology companies see people as a product to be exploited and controlled based on the purposes of a few.

The social media of Web 2.0, under the skin of a supposed gratuity, exploited personal data for advertising purposes, violating privacy.

As if that were not enough! A small group is capable of censoring you and even canceling you if they want to.

It is enough to disagree with their dictates to send you to digital ostracism.

Fortunately, today, we have Blockchain technology and some rebels with causes who want to fix the way to avoid digital totalitarianism.

Of course, I guess maybe you see, as I do, the big stumbling block to overcome: the invisible cage that traps us in the goods and services paradigm.

In that sense, the first step one must understand is the philosophy behind web3.

Regain ownership of your data and privacy without affecting others against their will (without deception).

Finally, one must support these new technologies that fight against the status quo.

The new social media integrating its own economy within the blockchain are very stimulating.

However, greater simplicity of use of the technology has yet to be achieved.

Only then will it become massive and displace the traditional ones.

At this point, you will say to me:

"Man, at least point me to a social media platform that should be reviewed."

I would like to help you, but unfortunately, I cannot. I still see that the projects are still in the early stages, and there is a lot of development ahead.

Perhaps, you could refute me by naming noise.cash and read.cash.

Both do excellent work with the right technology but in an environment that needs to be left behind.

I don't lose hope to see, in short, the next step toward the social media we all need.

An original article by @Jnavedan

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1 year ago


There does exist a social media you might want to consider:
icons, idols, and other symbolic gestures.
People have communicated with such things for millennia,
before there ever was such things as written language.
Now, more than ever,
the internet hosts such communication.
We call them memes....

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Interesting article! Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for your nice words. Greetings.

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