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Man-made tunnels spread fascination in the country!

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Does hearing about tunnels make your body creepy? The mind becomes restless for fear of going through a closed and dark tunnel? But let's take a look at some of the fascinating tunnels around the world that are not only dark or closed, but full of light and color. These tunnels made of plants are so beautiful that if you know about them, your idea about the tunnels will change. The fear of tunnels will be removed from the mind, in addition, those tunnels will want to walk in the hands of loved ones, even if only once in a lifetime.

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

The first tunnel I want to talk about is called 'Tunnel of Love' or 'Tunnel of Love'. The tunnel is built around a railway line between the villages of Kleven and Orziv in Ukraine. No one built it on purpose. During the post-World War II Cold War, numerous trees were planted in dense rows on either side of the railway line. The trees were planted to conceal the carrying of military camp weapons on the railways. But later the trees on both sides of the railway line grew, due to the regular train movement, the heads of the trees on both sides became one and took the shape of a tunnel.

Tunnel of profit

It is very nice to see this tunnel in Ukraine. In Ukraine, the tunnel is arguably the most popular tourist destination in the world. Not only because of the beauty, but also because of the various rumors surrounding the tunnel, which is why many Ukrainian lovers and newlyweds come here to visit. It is believed that if you go to the tunnel and ask for something with the person you love, that wish is fulfilled.

Wisteria Tunnel, Japan

There is a tunnel in the Kawachi Fuji Garden in Kitakiyasur, Japan, called the Wisteria Tunnel. Walking through the tunnel due to the variety of wisteria flowers, anyone can think of themselves as the princes or princesses of fairy tales lost in the flower garden.

Westeria Tunnel;

With 150 species of wisteria trees, a combination of more than 20 different colored flowers has given the tunnel an abundance of color. The description of the beauty of the colorful and ornate westeria flowers growing around the metal mesh is indescribable. This flower blooms between April and May. So, April-May is the best time to see the beauty of this tunnel in Kawachi Fuji Garden, Japan.

Jacquardandas Walk, South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa's largest city, has been greened by more than a million small trees growing here. According to many, Johannesburg is the largest and most man-made forest in the world. There are at least 49 species of jacquardandas. Most of its origins are in South America and the Caribbean. These tropical trees were brought to South Africa more than a century ago. Nowadays, it would not be wrong to call the Jacquardandas the most important species of tree in South Africa.

Jacquardandas Walk, South Africa,

Every year in October, thousands of Jacquardandas trees bloom. At that time Johannesburg and Pretoria became cities of purple Jacquardandas flowers. The combination of more than seventy thousand Jacquardandas trees in those cities creates an extraordinary natural beauty, which is incomparable.

U Tunnel (UK)

It is believed that the famous Dyer family of the United States planted this particular type of tree in the U-Tunnel in the eighteenth century. The trunks of these trees have thickened and merged with each other, and the branches have merged in such a way that it is now almost impossible to separate them.

U Tunnel;

The trees, which have been growing for about two and a half centuries, have formed tunnels with curved U-shaped shapes. This tree may not have been planted for the purpose of making tunnels. The tunnels are made naturally. Yet this tunnel is known as one of the few famous tunnels in the world. Many days old traditions and distinctive features of the trees have given the tunnel uniqueness.

Autumn Tree Tunnel (United States)

The Autumn Tree Tunnel in Vermont, USA, has a golden coating on its red, orange, yellow and brown flowers in the autumn, which is enough to quench the thirst of the beauty thirsty. The beauty of this tree tunnel has been shown in many Hollywood movies.

Autumn tunnels;

Ginkgo Tree Tunnel (Japan)

Ginkgo Tree Tunnel, surrounded by Ginkgo biloba trees. This ginkgo tree tunnel is located in the garden outside the Meiji Temple in Tokyo, Japan. In addition to its breathtaking beauty, the Tree Tunnel in Japan has historical and cultural significance.

Ginkgo tree tunnel;

The ginkgo tree is considered very sacred in Japanese culture. This tree lives for many years. There are more than 65,000 ginkgo biloba trees in roadside gardens and parks in Japan. It is said that when the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, people and plants were devastated. Even then, there were 6 ginkgo trees surviving. Those trees are still alive, and many come to see them. It is amazing how these trees still survive after so many disasters. The Japanese call these trees "Bearer of Hope", "The Survivor" or "The Living Fossil".

The Dark Hedges (Northern Ireland)

The Dark Hedges Tunnel in Northern Ireland is also really admirable. This natural wonder of Northern Ireland is very attractive to visitors from all over the world. The artists who come here draw very beautiful pictures of this tunnel, the general visitors take all the wonderful pictures.

The Dark Hedges

This tunnel is very popular with the people of Ireland for wedding photography. Also known as 'Kings Road' through the popular TV series 'Game of Thrones', this tunnel has become popular among all.

Sabambu Path (Japan)

There is a bamboo garden called Sagano in Arashiyama District, Kyoto, Japan. A 500 meter long path has been made in the middle of this uniquely beautiful bamboo garden. The Japanese government has declared this bamboo garden as a traditional place of the country. The long, winding road through the lush green bamboo has created a captivating scene.

Bamboo path;

There are many famous temples and shrines very close to Sagano. When a gentle-evil wind blows through the tunnel, the tunnel is filled with glorious beauty and hum. This bamboo tunnel is one of the top 100 protected areas in Japan.

Ru Gonzalo de Carvalho (Brazil)

Ru Gonzalo de Carvalho is a street in Porto Alegre, the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. A unique and beautiful tree tunnel has been built on this road. The tunnel is made up of rows of more than 100 rosewood trees.

Ru Gonzalo de Carvalho;

The tunnel has recently become a historical, cultural and natural heritage site in Brazil. Rosewood trees have reduced the demand for air conditioning in the area by more than thirty percent. These trees have been playing an important role in the well-being of the people of this Brazilian city for a long time. According to locals, the rosewoods were planted in the 1930s. They have lengthened and merged with each other to create this beautiful tunnel.

Cherry Blossom Tunnel (Germany)

There is a cherry blossom tunnel in the forest town of Germany. The indescribable beauty of the combination of cherry trees along the quiet-secluded road has made the tunnel unique. When the flowers begin to bloom in full bloom in autumn, an unimaginable beauty is created there. There are cherry tree tunnels on both sides of the city. But the most beautiful of these is called hairdressing. It is said that the cherry blossoms last only 7-10 days, but the beauty of the picture is indescribable in this short time!

Cherry Blossom Tunnel;

These cherry trees, imported from Japan, were planted in a forest town in Germany in the 1980's. At present, there are innumerable cherry trees scattered all over the city, which has enhanced the beauty of the city a hundredfold.

Thanks to everyone for reading my article

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