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Christmas special food is common in different countries

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The relationship of food with the festival is quite old. There must be some special food in a special festival. And also around Christmas, there are different countries in the world to make different food. Arrange this with some food. Take a look and see which special dish has been prepared in any country of the world for Christmas today!

Koki Sa-Jack (France)

Cookie Sa-Jack; Source: Epicurious

The Koki Sa-Jack dish is made by mixing snails with some natural herbal ingredients and cheese. The food is served as an appetizer at the beginning of the meal. However, at Christmas it becomes the main food of the people of France!

Chiles en Nogada (Mexico)

Chiles N Nogada; Source: The Mija Chronicles

It doesn't take long for your tongue to get watery. The main ingredient of the dish is meat. But that is not the end. Then a roasted pepper on fire and a layer of walnut cream and pomegranate wrapped around it. What? Feeling greedy?

Seven Terms of Fishing (Italy)

Cooking fish in seven positions; Source: Wooder Ice

Not one or two, but a total of seven kinds of fish are cooked for Christmas in Italy. This list includes kalamari, linguni, shrimp and many more fun fish. People are waiting for the return of Jesus Christ, this is reflected in this food.

Halacas (Venezuela)

Halakas; Source: salty elephant: Hallacas

A special dish called halakas is wrapped with corn and banana leaves. It contains capers, raisins, peppers and many other types of meat. The food is cooked by wrapping and tying it in this way.

Zakaski (Russia)

Jakaski; Source: The Romanov Family

While there are no seven types of fish, you can taste many salty fish at the Russian Christmas Jakaski. The Russians enjoy this dish with drinks. This Russian dish is better known as an appetizer.

Seiye J. Natao (Brazil)

That's why J. Natao; Source: GNT

Brazil follows the tradition of cooking turkey at Christmas. Huge one turkey is cooked here at Christmas. That's why the whole Christmas turkey is cooked with a mixture of champagne and a variety of spices.

Jahtarte (Austria)

Jahtarte; Source: The Forward

A special kind of Christmas confectionery made in Austria. This dish called Jahatarte is made by mixing chocolate sponge and apricot fruit.

Doro Wat on Injera (Ethiopia)

3 Dorothy on Ingersoll;

Put a lot of food on a plate little by little. Surely hearing the description reminds me of any Indian food. In fact, the Doro Wat on Injero dish, served with many dishes on a large plate, is an Ethiopian Christmas special.

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Written by   9
1 year ago
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