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Knowledge hour:World's most resilient creature, Tardigrade

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1 year ago

Please be patient and read the whole article. I hope it will provide you some knowledge. 🙏🙏🙏

Tardigrades are near-microscopic creature which are commonly found in moist envionment. They have eight legs, and hands with four to eight claws on each. They range from 0.05mm to 1.2mm but usually doesn't get bigger than 1.0mm.

These creatures are known as 'Water bears' because of their resemblence to bears and living in moist environment. They are also known as 'Moss piglets'. The word 'Tardigrade' means 'Slow Walker'. This creature is highly indestructible or even immortal too because of their high adaptation ability to any inhospitable situation that may kill other being. Here are some interesting facts about tardigrades.

Interesting facts about Tardigrade

1. They can survive at -20 degree C for decades. 😲😲.

2. They can suvive at extreme hot temperature(150 degree C) and extreme cold temperature (-272 degree C) for few minutes😶😶.

30 year old frozen tardigrade
  1. If you have seen the movie 'The ant man and the wasp' may be you can recall e scene of tardigrades. They can survive in Quantum realm.

4. They can remain in 'TUN' state in which they dehydrates almost 0% of water,slow their metabolism to 10% of normal. They replace water with sugar mixture called 'TDPs'. This 'TDPs' helps them to survive without water for decades.

5. They can resist extreme pressure, about 6000 atm (6x stronger than the deepest part the ocen)

6. Can resist 1000 rays of gamma radiation.

7. They can survive without air and in SPACE also.

They are not extremophilis but they have high adaptation power to survive most of the situations. They can survive the extremely hot conditions to extremely cold, high in the mountains and deep in the ocean,Quantum realm to Space. Such a splendid creature and my most favourite creature😘😘😘.

In Quantum realm... Shot taken from 'Ant man and the Wasp' movie

It may be a boring article but please read it. Some people comment without reading for some points but this act disrespects an author's hard work and community rules. They may lost motive to encourage people, entertain and share knowledge. Every author is trying their best and deserves some respect and attention. Let's spread positivity and make it a better community.

Thank you guys.

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Written by   323
1 year ago
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