The Best Investment Decision I Have Ever Made

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3 years ago

When I got my business degree in 2011, I was ready to start my career.

I wanted to start a business, earn money, and also invest. Those were my main priorities for the past seven years.

I did all those things. Do you know what I found?

Every decision you make in life is either an investment or a waste.

Here’s what I mean:

  • Browsing social media for hours is a waste of your time

  • Eating junk food is a waste of your health

  • Having a job that makes you miserable is a waste of your energy


  • Working out is an investment in your health

  • Spending time with people you care about is an investment in relationships and personal wellbeing

  • Reading, taking courses, watching informational videos, are investments in your education

Those last three things are all good. And investing in your education has the highest return on investment. Why?

We live in a competitive economy. The power lies in the hands of those who know how to solve problems that society needs an answer to.

In a way, that’s always been the case. In the hunter-gatherer days, the best hunters were the most successful people.

That’s why we need to improve our skills if we want to survive, let alone be successful.

And how do you get skills? By learning them—which is hard. That’s why I believe investing in your education is better than any monetary investment there is.

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3 years ago