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Tsunami in my dreams

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1 year ago

When I was in my college years, I dreamed about a tsunami and in my dream it was in our province but it I was shouting something like, "The Japanese soldiers are here!!! The Japanese soldiers are here!!" Then I see Japanese soldiers (those that I see in history movies.) And the tsunami will flash us out but I never drowned. I always end up in a high building and I was never afraid of the tsunami. I was more afraid of the Japanese soldiers, actually.

Then the tsunami in Japan happened. It was just like the one in my dream. Besides me shouting about them and of course the surrounding is Filipino-like not Japan-like community.

At first I thought my dream was a preposition to what happens. But then I just think that it was just a coincisence and that maybe, just maybe it was just me thinking it was the same incident that happened in Japan. They say when tsunami appears in your dream means you have repressed feelings and/or loosing of hope in tough times and you're trying to run away with your strong emotions. When I heard that, I thought maybe they're right. At that moment, I was in deep emotions about things happening to me. My life, my future,my love.

Now, I wasn't dreaming of tidal waves anymore. Maybe because I am more happy now. I am more contented now.

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I had a dream about a tsunami once too. It was a quick flash of a wall of water. Thanks for sharing your dream interpretation of it, makes sense for where I was in my life too.

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11 months ago

Brilliant one

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11 months ago