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Tribes of Europa (A Netflix Original Series)

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10 months ago

Tribes of Europa is a Netflix Original German Post Apocalyptic sci-fi TV series with a mix of European languages and some English that is set in the future in the year 2074, after a mysterious global disaster destroys almost all modern technology and pits the remaining survivors against each other in a war of the Tribes.

Tribes that have been forced to re-emerge from the destruction left in the disasters wake to fight for control of what remains of Europe/ Europa.

In the opening scenes we meet the Origine a peaceful Tribe living deep in the forests of Europa, hunting, foraging and living off the land, when three siblings notice a modern aircraft crash near by, they investigate unbeknown to them that the injured pilot carries a piece of modern tech with a warning message of an impeding doom coming from the east that could wipe out all the existing tribes in it's wake.

What follows is the annihilation of the Origine Tribe as the crows hell bent on getting their hands on the message and it's weaponisable technology know as the cube and a crusade to save loved ones captured during the barbaric murder of the Origine Tribe.

The Tribes

  1. The Crimson, a military group made up of retired and serving soldiers from across the continent with idealistic view's of uniting the Tribes and returning Europa back to it's former glory.

  2. The Crows, a murderous warrior Tribe seeking to dominate the other Tribes and take control of Europa through fear and aggression

  3. The Origine a peaceful Tribe of people who have hidden themselves away in the deep forests of Europe to avoid the other Tribes violent battles for dominance

  4. The Femen, a Tribe of Female warriors, who we don't learn much off

  5. The Atlanians a Tribe believed to still possess modern technology, aircrafts and weapons in a hidden location only known as the Ark

The 6 episodes long series is enough to give you a glimse of what could turn out to be a very promising new series


The soundtrack is made up of a collection of Europe dance tracks which I am not very familiar with you can find the complete list at the following link
Created By Philip Koch and starring James Faulkner, \Henriette Confurius, Oliver Masucci, David Aki Rashid and Emilio Sakraya


In the wake of a mysterious global disaster, war rages between the Tribes that have emerged from the wreckage of Europe, three siblings from a peaceful Tribe the origine's are separated and forced to forge their own paths in an action packed fight for the future of this new Europa

From Presearch: Tribes of Europa TV series Synopsis where I earn pre tokens for my research. Images were also sourced from presearch.


A really enjoyable series it has been said in reviews that it would have a familiarity to Game of thrones meets the Hunger games, although I didn't personally find this, I thought the series has a unique storyline of it's own yet there are some comparisons. It is definitely worth the watch, but I would make sure you have subtitles available otherwise it might get a little confusing for those that don't understand the Europe languages used.


If you like the films and TV series such as the Hungers games and game of thrones you will enjoy this new series, it does have some vague similarities, but stands on it's own merits rather nicely, I can see it being a big hit and look forward to a season two if there is going to be one that is, you can never be to sure these days.

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Written by   79
10 months ago
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From the makers of Dark...sounds promising will give it a try

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10 months ago

Yeah thats right, I forgot to mention that, but yeah its a good watch really enjoyable

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10 months ago