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POB: Favourite Article of The Day 005

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1 year ago

Welcome back to the #faotd contest, another day another opportunity to win, delegations, exposure and upvotes.

I would be very grateful if you could also reblog so we can reach a wider audience and gain further engagement, entrants and growth for our entrants and the articles they share so that together we may build apon the great community that we enjoy.

Winners of Yesterday's Contest
1) @plint
2) @merit.ahama

Winners were chosen at random using
Image is currently unavailable I will post it in the comments Shortly

Yesterday's Contest Prizes
1) First place will receive a 6.5 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

2) Second place will receive 2.5 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

3) Third Place will receive a 1.25 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

Prizes will be transferred shortly

Entrants for Yesterday shared these amazing Articles
@plint shared a an article written by @mineopoly a teacher from Korea that writes about how life in the classroom has changed over the previous year because of the current times we find ourselves in living with Covid 19 and it's subsequent variants and the importance of keeping students engaged through games, you can catch up on this article Zoom to a new level!! and learn some of the games created to get students motivated.

@merit.ahama shared an article written by @dwixer which went into the reasons why we need to learn how to fail before we can succeed, a nicely written piece yet very relevant for those that have never know failure, whether in life, school or business, if you feel that you haven't got the The Gut To Fail maybe you should drop by and get some inspiration from this article, we all need to learn how to fail before we can truly succeed.

My Favourite Article of the Day

My Favourite Article of the day was written by @trostparadox which is a proposal for changes in the #pob community, I have been putting off voting on this until the last minute because I wanted to improve my power so that my vote would count a little bit more, in this new version of a recent proposal @trostparadox revised some key points of importance for the community, this is an article that everyone interested in the future of #pob community needs to read NEW Formal Proposal for Rules Governing Downvoting within the “Proof of Brain” Tribe (with no ‘de minimus downvote’ option) and then vote according to how you would like to see the rules governing the '#pob community in the future, something that whichever way you choose to vote should not be avoided. There is no right or wrong answer as to how you should vote, but reading and voting is a must whichever way you choose. This proposal aims to bring the rules governing the #pob tribe in the direction which the community is most in favour of seeing and should be one of the most important reads you make Today.

Finding my #faotd can sometimes take time and a lot of reading before I can decide, this article I have put off for days now as I waited to build a little more power, but as it is reaching it's payout period and I could find nothing more relevant to include I reverted back to this, because I feel it is an important subject that impacts each and every one of us using the #pob front.

Do make sure to drop by and make your vote count before the deadline HERE
#faotd #dcc

Today's Contest Prizes

Today's prizes will remain unchanged.

1) First place will receive a 6.5 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

2) Second place will receive 2.5 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

3) Third Place will receive a 1.25 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

NOTE: It is worth noting that although winners will receive additional upvotes aswell as prizes, the percentage weight of these upvotes cannot be guaranteed as nobody can guarantee a 100% upvote. this was brought to my attention by @scholaris.pob who has been very supportive of both the contest and the entrants.

The Rules
Leave your #faotd in the Comment section below using a clickable link to your favourite Proof of brain article of the day, and also tag the author, this can be any article you found helpful or you found added value to the #pob community.
Write a brief explanation as to why you chose this particular article.

Make sure to use both the #faotd and #dcc tags so that your comment may be curated by both #faotd and #dcc

Make sure to use a clickable link

Alternatively you can look up the entries to Yesterdays #faotd contest on how best to structure your comment entry for the Favourite Article of the Day HERE

Congratulation to the 2 Winners from Yesterday and thank you to all entrants for taking part, I wish you the all the best of luck in the next contest.

This initiative is brought to you in Collaboration with @dcooperation and @clixmoney you can learn more about the #dcc coin and it's use case at The use case of dcc token

*Further to this I have been asked to clarify that other than the 3 winners earning #dcc coins you may create your own post using your chosen #faotd using the comment by adding the TAGS #dcc and #faotd to earn #dcc coins and further curation as #dcc coins are rather limited. @clixmoney

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Written by   80
1 year ago
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