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El Salvador reaping tourism rewards after adopting Bitcoin

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2 months ago

Despite the recent bear market tourists flock to El Salvador to discover whats going on in the first nation to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender.

Torism is up a whopping 82.8% in the first half of 2022, according to the Government and The World Travel Organisation.

Central America destination show better results than most nations post pandemic, but El Salvador leads the pack with almost 83%.

This is great news to hear as crypto enthusiasts seek out travel destinations that support their love for crypto.

I think adopting Bitcoin has and will continue to see a surge in crypto loving travellers seeking out places that offer solutions to their problems.

I don't plan on travelling anywhere myself until at least 2024, well after the pandemic is truely over, but El Salvador is definitely looking like a real contender, but I am also considering St Kitts because of the recent Bitcoin Cash adoption that seems to be going on there, I think a week in each location would make for a great crypto adventure.

Whats your thoughts, would you consider El Salvador or St Kitts for your next adventure or do you already have your eyes on another elusive crypto destination?




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