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Chapelwaite is a new 2021 American Horror series set in the 1850s based on a Stephen King novel named Jerusalem's Lot which was adopted for the silver screen by Jason Filardi and premiered on Epix in August of 2021

The story follows Captain Charles Boone who is lured to Chapelwaite, Maine under the false pretences of an inheritance of his ancestral home, following his wife's death at sea, he and his three children are in for a rather rude awakening.

Once in Chapelwaite Captain Boone quickly discovers that the Boone family had some very dark secrets which has led to a clear hatred from the local people, added to this his children are of mixed race and struggle to settle into the spooky little local village of Preachers Corner.

Charles goes about trying to kick start his families timber mill back into operation with plans to use the lumber to set up a ship building business and provide local workers with much needed jobs.

However over the course of their resettling he comes to realise, the causes of the deep rooted hatred and tries to ensure that locals give him and his family the fair chance they deserve.

Over the first few episodes the Boones go about normal life trying to connect with locals, hire staff for the huge ancestral home and timber mill and prove they are not what people expected.

Soon a darkness overshadows the town and Charles soon discovers his cousin and uncle, both of whom were supposed to be dead, have returned as the Undead, Nosferatu, Vampires.

Residents start to notice strange dark figures and some witness attacks on local people that left the victims dazed and confused, which the village people called the Boone illness, which leads Charles to dig up his cousins grave, were he discovers there is no remains.

Later Charles is visited by a mysterious girl with a request to meet with a nefarious strange character known only as Jacob in Jerusalem's Lot.

It is then when Jacob tells him of the reason in which he was lured to Chapelwaite.

He must find a secret book that can only be found by a living relative of the Boones, A book that possesses a power that can bring to life an ancient vampire God who was once said to rule the world in darkness, before all other Gods.

Charles finds the book is calling to him in a collection of haunting visions and at first tries to resist, but when his children's lives are threatened, he succumbs only to discover in a vision just what releasing this ancient vampire God will cause humanity.

The end of all living things and a world in total darkness ruled over by the Undead Nosferatu.


I couldn't find any further feedback on the original soundtrack for this series, except that the theme song was scored by Mark Korven, you read further information about that on the film music reporter HERE


Captain Charles Boone relocates his family of three children to his ancestral home in Maine after his wife dies at sea.

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If the Vampire horror genre is something that interests you, Chapelwaite is an interesting take on it.

The series started off a little slow for my liking, but quickly livens up as it enters the second half of the series, which I felt was kind of needed to give the full background for setting the storyline and narrative, The series is lead by a strong cast including Adrian Brody as Captain Charles Boone and Emily Hampshire as Rebecca Morgan.

I felt once I began to understand what was going on with the storyline that I could enjoy the series as it was intended.

There are some unusual twists and turns in the plot as you would expect from a Stephen King Novel, it will however be interesting to see how the series is adopted into a longer series or if it is even in fact intended to do so, it is unclear at this point.

I will however say, the series is an enjoyable horror, I would have liked to see a little more darkness from the scenery and characters, but in saying that I am a notoriously hard horror critic to please.


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Written by   77
3 months ago
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The fact to have Adrian Brody (he´s a genius) in the cast is a perfect reason to watch it! It looks pretty interesting

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3 months ago

Yeah he does a great job as you would expect, I haven't seen him do any bad jobs so far in his career, thanks for dropping by to engage

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3 months ago