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Being immune to anti-allergy pill

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6 months ago

I am one of those persons suffers from different kinds of allergy attacks. For you to know, I am one of those persons who has allergy. For me to avoid such allergy attacks, I maintained tablets for anti-allergy everyday and sometimes every two days. My doctor said that I should only take it for 4 months an Yes I did. But, I noticed that if I cannot take it for the maximum to 2 to 3 days I will definitely gets some attacks even if I avoided those allergens that can triggers to my attacks. And up until now, I daily take this tablet for me not to experience such attacks since when I got that attacks I felt very exhausted, I can't breath well, my whole body numbs and I can't move freely or easily since I cannot manage to do so. If you'd asked me how many times already that I had that said attacks? Well, I don't know many times but one for sure I had attacks a lot of time and every attacks is different. Different, since I noticed that every attacks I'd experienced it's getting worst every time I had it. That is why I need or it is a must for me to take the anti-allergy pill for to avoid the more worst attack if there is.

I remembered my doctor once said, that I must make sure that I'll avoid those allergens that can trigger me because the level of attacks differs and he said it's get worse every attacks and then he added, the worst part of it's attacks is that when my heartbeat stops to beat where I can't take it anymore and also the doctor added, that I should avoid that to happen since they don't have the vial injection for it if it will happen. Also, my doctor says too, that of all his patients that has allergy I am the worst one. Why? because there is not months that I'm not going to his clinic for that because once I had attacks I can't breath properly aside from that red spots that are in me whole face.

I don't know why I had this illness, where in fact I'm not rich though, and they said this kind of sickness is for rich people because they can afford it's medications if ever. But, I just thought that sickness or illness never chooses what your state of living is either rich or poor, kids or adults, boys or girls, young or old.

Why I had this? I don't know. They said my allergy is late bloomer since I started having this when I was in my 16 -17 years of age and it gets worst every time I had it's attacks.

And I must say, that I'm not ready for the very very worst attack that what my doctor said, that is when my heartbeat stops to beat. I don't know if I will still lives if that happens to me. And to be frank, I'M AFRAID OF IT.

I'M AFRAID, knowing the fact that I have a son the still needs me and I have my family that needs me too. I must say, that I will be only ready for it if I've seen family and my son stable and that maybe I will be resting peace. But as of now, I'm not that's why I make sure to maintain the anti-allergy table and even if it's hard for me to financially maintain it I always find a way of where I can have money or where can I borrow money just to buy the said pill. Since this also pill also costs a lot, and it is aching in my pocket wherein my pocket also is empty. That's why it's very hard.

Since, when I can't take the tablet even just skip it for a day, I will surely feels the symptoms of it and start attacking me. That's even if my body would feel numbed after I can take it. I'll just endure it for to avoid the worst attack.

Also, I must say that my body were already immune to this said tablet/pill since my allergy will automatically shows it's symptoms to me even just for not taking it for a day. It's symptoms will shows already the next day and in that case I started to felt bad and I felt something not good in my body which irritates me the most.

I knew, that taking medicines has side effects and I'm already ware of that and I'm ready whatever it is. I just take this since I have my son that depends in me and I need to strive and live longer in this world. Also, I still dream to see my child reaches his dreams in life and be successful. That is why I don't care if I'm immune anymore as long as I can avoid any attacks from this allergy of mine.

In addition, I always find ways to find or to earn money because of it and of course because of my son's needs. I tried to be firm or strong even sometimes I felt that I'm carrying the world in my shoulder, I still hoped for the bright future and be grateful everyday.

Since, I believed that, "God, won't give us problems that we can't solved."

So, let's be grateful everyday despites the circumstances that we had in our lives.

Everything has a reason why things happens in our lives that is why I always seek the positivity in me every time I'm in my downfall days.

Have a great day ahead!

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Written by   150
6 months ago
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