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How to spread Bitcoincash (BCH) to the developing countries

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1 month ago (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)


I started here half of a month or more,day before today i just follow better articles,their quality of writing etc..i want to creat one by my own for somedays but how to start it or lack of informations i can't write..Today its for the first time i start it.

What is my real concern:

One matter stole my concern for a long that bitcoincash is obviously a greater one..and it can help general people to invest for profit and also good for prompt transection,but am worried how can i reach that into root level people.A huge number of citizens Don't have internet connection even no smart phone in developing countries like Bangladesh or so how can we help them out.what can actually make them easy to use and invest on bch??

My research for finding solution :

I studied various articles and news about bitcoincash spreading for one week and try to find something what can solve the problem what i feel.i randomly read them and the day before yesterday i got my point...

I find a news about an wallet named cointext

What is cointext:

Cointext was an wallet which was first launched in 2017 with a objective of providing advantage of use crypto coins as well as BCH to underdeveloped countries and works throughout 32 countries for the first using this app one can easily send or paying by digital coin without any net Connection by a simple cellphone.

But unfortunately,the wallet stop its works in june 2020 due to lack of people participation and for economic unstability

I think the wallet pushed to stop its work because of low participation. Beacuse their campaign was insufficient to reach general peoples.

My proposal:

I think if creat a wallet like cointext but update some system like trasection capacity, time duration, fees etc to consider and operate a Field base campaign, like talk to them about BCH and that wallet we can spread the BCH.

Thank you Everyone for patience reading and forgive me if i do any faults.


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Written by   5
1 month ago (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Congratulations it's an Article very valuable.

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1 month ago

Thank you sir,always pray for me..and your appreciations made me to go furthermore

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