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Power to make impact

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1 year ago

In life,you are expected to be a contributor and not a consumer because you will be remembered for the impact that we have made either positive or negative.

Some categories of people in this world

* Those who never discover who they are.

*Those who don't know what is happening.

*Those who watch things happening.

*Those who make things happen.

*Strugglers.. Just surviving, no breakthrough

*Those who don't enough,they are at poverty level.

*Those who are just enough,they are average.

*Those who have enough,the successful.

*The significant, they have enough and also impact people.


What is impact?

It means making notable impression upon peoples life.

Reasons to make impact

*We must make impact because we are very important in God's plan.

*We make impact because God's harvest is plentiful but labourers are few.

*We make impact because minimum impact is an enemy of maximum impact.

*We make impact because Our God is not minimum.

*We must make impact so as to be a voice not an echo.

Impact is unmistakable, undeniable, significant to measure effect in our environment. You're an asset or liability, a bearer or burden to others,you are a solution to people's problem or a problem itself.

You are not to die full of potential that God has loaded you with,you must leave a print.

If you are not impacting any life,you're wasting your time on earth.

Thanks for reading.

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Written by   22
1 year ago
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