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How to Gain More Points

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Many for sure doesn’t know how the point system works here in ReadCash. I'll give some idea on how it works. For those who doesn't know, we got points from "Random Reward" and "Power Users".

The main goal of Random Reward is tostimulate people to create content that will be interesting and that people would want to interact with and at the same time to stimulate people to interact with the content.

The points will be given for the following actions:

  • Upvote of your comment, article or post by a power user randomly gives zero to a few hundred points, mostly - zero points;

The points are deducted for the following reasons:

  • Your article, comment, short post gets hidden/deleted by site moderators for rules violation: -10 points and cancels the points for the article;

  • If you delete an article, a short post or a comment for which you were previously given points - these points will be deducted and your points balance might even go negative.

And to get points from the power users, check the details below:

If you want to know more about the point systems, visit this links of @Read.Cash for more info.

But how to get more points here?

Lately, many are complaining about the point system, but, have you even do your job? Think about it.

To help you a bit, here are some tips that you might want to try. This is based on my experienced on how I got more points.

The first thing to do is to gain audience, but how to gain audience?

Here are some tips:

1. Write Quality Articles to Attract Audience.

The main reason why we are here in RC is to write articles. We aren’t here just to leave comments on other author’s article or participate on any contest. RC won’t give you points by just doing that, it’s like you’ve been given a salary in your company without doing your job.

If you want to gain more subscribers or audience, you should write articles which are captivating. Something which is interesting that will stimulate the readers to interact with the content. In that way, you will earn more audience.

Here are effective techniques in writing articles easier.

2. Engage with the readers so they will interact with the content of your article.

It’s always a misconception here that, if you leave more comments on any articles, you’ll get more points – it’s a big NO!

The author will gain more points from receiving more positive comments . While the reader will earn points from writing positive comments relevant to the topic. It would benefit both the author and the reader if the comment will turn into a good topic.

3. Boost your articles.

Boosting is one way to attract audience. It will increase the visibility of your articles and will be shown on top of other articles. It means there’s a big chance to gain more viewers.

Just be responsible in boosting your article because it is non-refundable. And make sure to choose and article which will really catch the attention of the readers.

To know more about boosting, click here.

4. Create a Strategy.

Just like in any other platforms and businesses, strategy is important to achieve your goal. The importance of strategy is manifold but the most important aspect is competitive advantage.

As I’ve noticed here, many authors are giving giveaways, writing contest and games. It might not be one of the features of RC, but it really works. Giving sponsorships and tips are the best way to maintain your audience.

Giving is sharing. There’s nothing wrong with those contest and games, but, you should as well do your part as a writer.

Here are proofs from gaining more points through doing those aforementioned tips.

A friendly reminder to everyone:

To the authors: if there’s newbie on your comment section, subscribe and interact with him/her. A good conversation is a good start to gain subscribers.

To the readers: when your visiting an article, you should at least subscribe, like and leave positive comments on it. Both you and the author will benefit from doing that.

We are here to write and to earn, so let's help each other and build a friendly community. 🤗🤗

Thanks for reading!!

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