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Unknown Fault

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5 months ago

Welcome back article!!!

Drop my keys off the table, I yelled at my friend, actually I shouldn't say he is my friend any longer because something actually came up between the two of us which happens to be an Unforgettable experience

Now he makes me doubt the saying "a friend in need is a friend indeed"....

It all happened in the chemistry class, the lecturer has actually decided to be mean to us all and he kept saying he would surprise us in which some of my course mates laughed at him and ignore these words which even happened I was the master of laughter that day , I laughed so hard I could even feel my ribs cracking, and I almost stumbled on some of the practical equipment but I decided to hold my peace...

I actually know myself as one of the smartest in the class but obviously people don't wanna see you succeed, they just decide to be a bad egg which even made the competition hard for me...

Then it happened on a Monday morning when I woke up with different missed calls on my device, I wasn't surprised I got missed calls because I decided to put my device in silence so I would be able to sleep really well and get ready for the day activities....

I decided to ignore the calls but didn't even know what took my gaze to the screen of my phone and I could see those that actually called me, they were my family members...

Thoughts came differently from various angles making me think what could have happened which made my family members to disturb me with calls in a very early morning....

The funniest thing about my family is that they might even just want to greet you and ask about one's well being and how I've been coping in school because they really cared about my studies especially my mum, well who am I to even complain, she's just the type that happen to be a lover of books, she really believes in education which made her keep shouting all around and keep telling me and my siblings every blessed day she would see hey " hope you people know education is the key" and we would all nod in affirmation!!!

I don't even know what's wrong with me my siblings actually just believe I'm wasting my life or my talent with the way I went to the science department they all believe I should be in the art department because everyone in the family knows how I laugh a lot and I make comedy out of everything

According to what she said about education being the key I'm still wondering why she hasn't told us what the padlock is

I did not say that to my mum's face or else I would be a dead meat , my mum does not joke with her words at all, if my mum says he ain't gonna feed you for 3 days that's final, this is the main reason why everyone saves a little money for emergency cases like that..

So finally I decided to call them at home and they actually greeted me like I have always assumed then I was told about a job opportunity that they wanted me to apply for, I can't believe my parents want me to start working now at my age I said inside of me because saying it out would probably break my mum's out...

She has always wanted the best for her dear children, I decided to speak up and asked how they wanted me to be coping with the school works also, my mum spoke first and said she knew I would ask that question then I was like obviously, she smiled and answered and said it is a part-time job,

Oh my geez, I said inside of me, I knew my mum would have every corner blocked if I even tried to give excuses to avoid what she wants...

So finally I agreed and decided to go for the interview, my so-called lecturer that has been looking for a way to punish the whole class decided to give out an assignment the day I wasn't in school but I have me feeling covered that I have friends in school and for sure they would update or tell me whatever is going on in the class, but my greatest surprise I was totally wrong.....

The lady that has always tried to beat me hands down happened to be my friends crush, so she knew the lecturer would use the assignment as one of our assessment she decided to sway by friends mind from me and she told him not to tell

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Written by   58
5 months ago
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