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Today I'm wondering

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9 months ago

We all know about lemons. The ingredients present in lemon are very beneficial for our body.

Each 100 grams of lemon contains about 53 milligrams of vitamin C.

Lemons contain normal amounts of citric acid which helps to reduce the risk of cancer. Lemon has a lot of effective ingredients that are very vital for a human being.

I have loved lemons since I was little. I like to eat lemon juice and lemon with food. One of my hobbies is planting a lot of trees and tending to the trees. And I must put lemon trees on the list of those trees. Because I love lemons very much.

Today I am much happier because last year I was planting a lemon tree. Today that tree has enough lemon flowers which I am very happy to see. It is impossible to explain how happy I am today.

Those who like to plant a tree and if the desired flower / fruit is born on that tree will be able to realize it just as much as I am happy.

I will now share pictures of my lemon tree and some of the existing flowers of the lemon tree:

Picture-01: The base of the lemon tree and the small branches of the lemon tree that also exist here.

I have covered the base of the lemon tree with a little sack so that the organic manure and water given at the base of the tree are tied to the base of the tree.

Now I will share second picture of lemon flower:

Picture-02: Lemon flower with lemon tree. I was took this picture by 45 degree rotate of my device.

I will share 3rd Picture of lemon flower:


Isn't that beautiful? The flowers look very fresh and very beautiful. I smelled the flowers this morning.

Now I will tell you how I planted this tree and what materials I used to plant it:

I decided 20 days ago to plant this lemon tree.

At that time it was the rainy season. Because I know that if any tree is planted in the rainy season, light results are obtained. So I decided on the right place first. Where the presence of adequate light and sunlight existed.

After determining the right place, I dug a medium-sized hole in that place and left the hole open on top of the soil so that the gutter would also get rid of the soil gas and harmful insects if any remained.

After 3 days of digging, I applied 500 gm of organic manure, 200 gm of urea fertilizer, 150 gm NPKS of mixed fertilizer, 500 gm of DAP fertilizer to the hole and mixed it well with water so that the manure could mix with the soil and prepare chemical ingredients. When the life force of the tree is ready, the tree can reproduce and give flowers and fruits at the right time.

If you plant a lemon tree in this way, I hope you will get good results.

Thanks everyone.

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Written by   235
9 months ago
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