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My today's payment

106 164 exc boost
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7 months ago

➡️ The point is to wake up tomorrow morning I saw then there were 7 points.

7 points were visible for up to 4 hours.

That was when I saw the point at 1 p.m. 18 points. When I came back after bathing and checking the points, I saw 35.5.

Points! I was thinking that points have started to increase at a massive rate, so I need to write article one!🤭

After 2 hours, when I came from outside and entered to Read.Cash to post, I also saw 35.5 points! 🙄🤭

Then the desire to write an article was lost! There was a laziness working inside, so I was doing Facebooking and watching funny videos to freshen up my mind.😁

When I went to Read.Cash in the evening, I saw that there were only 35.5 points!

Ha ha ha😂, I got a lot of smiles yesterday Seeing the points. When before bedtime I checked the points even then 35.5! I was really getting a lot of entertainment yesterday! 😁

I woke up this morning and was surprised to receive the payment.

Because the day I got the first payment of 0.04$ and the second day I got the payment of 0.09$ in Read.Cash which I was very happy to receive! 😁 But today's payment reminded me of that day. Which, of course, made me laugh.😅


But today from 7:00am till now (9:50am) is showing 10.6 points.😂Maybe tomorrow and today I will get a surprise like this!🤭

But hopefully the points will increase☺️, maybe I made a mistake somewhere for which my points are not increasing.😔

So everyone needs support for me. I hope everyone will like, comment and support. Because it is not possible without your support.❤️❤️

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Written by   232
7 months ago
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