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1 year ago

What is etiquette?

Etiquette is the logical combination of politeness and elegance in behavior.

The more polite a person is, the more popular he is.

Manners, mannerisms, politeness, decency are the manifestations that are found.

If people are not polite in their behavior, it is never possible to be polite by treating people badly.

So one has to be honest in speech, simple, elegant in behavior and clear.

Humility does not make a person small, but he wears a crown of honor. And humility is part of etiquette.

The importance of etiquette:

The more civilized a nation is in behavior, the more developed it is.

Growing up like an animal is not just a human goal.

The goal of people should be to make a contribution to this society, which is not possible without etiquette.

Because human beings are the best creatures of creation, so human behavior should also be the best.

Expressing good behavior with someone is almost his true humanity.

A person who is polite inside can easily win the hearts of all.

Uncivilized people threaten the society by resorting to violence.

The man of good manners, though poor, gains favor by all for his modesty.

There is no substitute for etiquette for a beautiful, orderly society. We should all talk to everyone with humility, politeness and courtesy.

And then the society will be a beautiful social system. And we can do that.

So I can say, the importance of etiquette is immense.

Etiquette and Student Community:

It is not just about reading books and going upstairs.

Humility, politeness, speaking with humility should be learned from student life.

The relationship between knowledge and etiquette is direct.

Etiquette and State:

There is no substitute for honest, humble, polite and humble people to run the state. Because, the highest politeness is manifested for running the state.

Uncivilized people start chaos in the society, create envy towards each other, create bad relations with each other.

So I can say, the state means the people, the people means the state and the people means etiquette.

Some ways to get etiquette:

Man does not learn manners when he is born. Etiquette does not take for granted human life by itself.

You have to achieve it yourself.

The practice of etiquette starts from childhood.

Therefore, the guardian should keep a close eye on who the child is with and from whom he or she is mingling. Families, relatives have their own responsibility to teach their child etiquette from an early age.

Even a good book can teach manners like an honest guardian.

We must remember that we are human beings, we are for each other, we are for society.

Everyone should have the intention that, no one gets hurt by us. This society and every nation expects us to make some contribution as the best creatures of creation.

Thanks all dearest for reading my article. Take love from my heart ❤️.

Stay safe, Stay happy always.🙂

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Written by   235
1 year ago
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Very good writing and a good topic.. Everyone should follow this.. Check me

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1 year ago