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Why was Muhammad (SAW) sent?

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10 months ago

We ask ourselves who is Muhammad? We are confused, the world is confused, everyone is bewildered, with just one question keeping people on their toes; Who is Muhammad? Why was He sent to the world? Let's sight some reasons why He was sent you to the world.

RasulaAllaah (PBUH) said in his word clearly that; I was not sent to the world to curse or cause chaos in the world or for generation to come, but as a comforter and a giver of glad tidings to the world.

Who is Muhammad? his father, Abdullah. His mother Ameenah, born and bred up in Makkah but later lived in Madinah due to the antagonist of the people of Makkah. His wife Khadijah was the first wife, rich and the first person to believe in the prophethood of Muhammad, and the one who was the first to witness the the day the Angel brought the glad tidings of Muhammad becoming a prophet. He had 7 children but only Fateemah survived him.

Muhammad was a steadfast prophet, who never said anything from His heart unless the one sent to him through The angel Jubril. He was a compassionate and a loving person while on heart. He used to be a person who stands by the truth and would never make a joke out of lies nor falsehood.

He lived for 63years, with 40 years of normal human and 23 years of prophethood, which means He lived for 63 years while on earth, and throughout these years, He was a just person and a follower of what God says.

He said to His disciples; Allaah The Almighty sent me to this world not to curse or judge anyone, but to spread love, give glad tidings and teach people to guard their Taqwa (firm believe in God). Now the world is in chaos with most people calling or parading themselves as Muslims, killing and maiming all in the name of the religion, these are things out of islamic context, preaching and teachings. If only we all followed his way of life genuinely and his teaching, the world would be a better place for all and islam would be the most followed religion.

He was given the Holy book Qur'an to guide us to the straight path of God, and shape us on how to live our lives in a peaceful way, He also has his hadith which means His way of life and how he lived his life, which is worth emulating.

Who is Muhammad (PBUH)?

Solallahu Alayhim Wa Salaam

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Written by   5
10 months ago
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