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I tested Shorter finance this is how it went

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4 months ago

I tested Shorter finance this is how it went

In today’s article, I wanted to discuss with everyone a new Dapp coming to the crypto market called shorter finance. This Dapp is designed around margin trading cryptos in the market. They try to make the experience as smooth and as easy as possible. This is possible through their great U.I design and easy-to-understand instructions and tutorials. So that being said let’s now get into how my experience was using shorter finance.


So to start let’s begin with the first page on the site which is the Dashboard. The dashboard shows all of your information about what you have going on within the Dapp. So it will show you what you have locked up in farming, margins, and how much you have borrowed. Overall I would say the dashboard is designed very well and provides a lot of useful information in one space.


When you first load the pools page you are presented with a graph showing the total value staked on the platform. It also shows what you have deposited in the pools on the left side of the graph. When you scroll down you will be presented with the option of creating tokens pools you can use to lock up tokens to leverage trade. You can also already join created pools and provide liquidity that way. Both of which give you rewards for giving liquidity to the platform.

There when you enter an already existing pool you can see all of the information about the pool such as the number of positions within the pool, How many rewards you’re earning, when the pool ends, etc. Then if you are a trader who wants to margin trade you go to the trader tab. Here you can select a pool where you can begin shorting either Ethereum or Bitcoin. The pool also shows the same information as the provider pools so you have all the information you need to make a decision. If you decide to short the pool will update to include your information including how much you have borrowed and how positions you have opened.

In my personal opinion, the provider pools are the best and the easiest to use. They make it so simple to start making passive income off of your coins and money. They allow you to do all of this risk-free so you don’t have to worry about losing your money. This is in part due to how the Dapp and the crypto are designed so to give you the most stressful free decentralized margin trading experience. Overall the page is well designed and the graphs help visualize the state of the platform and the market.


The next page for us to cover is the farming page which is where you can begin to make passive income on the platform without having to trade. As of right now the only tokens that can be staked are the Shorter finance Dapp crypto called $IPISTR and USDT. This page also gives you all the information you need to make decisions concerning staking and locking up tokens. They also present you with information concerning voting and governance within the platform. There’s also a faucet here as well so if you want to claim some free coins you can if you have the gas fee covered. Overall this page is designed well and all the information present makes it easier to make decisions.


The markets page shows a list of tokens available for trade on the platform. This is through an AMM or Automated Market Maker. It provides a list of information for the token that’s up for trade. There’s not much to be said about this page it’s designed well and is what you would expect for a trading tab.


The governance page is where you would go for anything related to voting or governance of the platform. Governance is based on how many tokens you have locked up in the governance protocol. From here you can see proposals being proposed as well as past proposals that either failed or passed. It also informs you of how many rulers there are and how much IPISTR is locked up in the governance protocol. It also gives you the liquidation stats for the protocol showing everything from the total value locked to the number of pools available. Overall this page is well laid out and is great for showing what is happening within the platform’s community.


Available only to the ruler class which requires you to despot a significant amount of IPISTR into the governance protocol. Although once you do that you’ll have access to this page where you can handle liquidations. There’s not much to be said about this page it’s simplistic and is well laid out.

Overall Dapp experience

Overall the Dapp is well made and laid out. The U.I is designed in a way that it works and isn’t horrible and is smooth and simple unlike a lot of other projects that are just starting. It gives you all the information you would need to make well informed decisions on all the pages it has. Overall I enjoyed testing this Dapp out and think that this Dapp and the crypto itself will do well ahead in the future.

My Final Words

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4 months ago
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