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"Perverted love"

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1 month ago

The fires of summer burn,

Burning in the hot sands of the desert,

In the wailing of the pain of separation,

Tired, weary

Nibhu life, a calm blue lotus,

Named last night,

Kamalini old woman, blue lotus !!

Sleepless night

No matter how quietly you talk,

In the ears of the lotus,

Sing the song of separation,

Forget the pain of the past,

Kamalini, Kamal is drawn to the heart,

Kamalini will never go away,

To Kamal, Kamalini is the hardest suffix !!

Once a demon claws,

Kamalini's fear goes away,

The pain of the past storms,

Doubt arises instead of losing Kamal.

To give away Kamalini Rakshasi-ray,

If you resort to deception,

Kamal's pride is frozen,

Kamalini takes shelter in a different lotus !!


Burning himself in loneliness again !!

Kamal cries and says, to Kamalini,

If the poet's loved one is lost,

Momentarily matched,

Ghunghum bird dear friend did not take again !!

How is your love

If you love a perverted partner,

Kamal's heart is pounding,

Burning, your memory !!

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Written by   25
1 month ago
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