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1 week ago

So this is my favorite acapella group from Arlington, Texas, in the United States. If you know then then you'll definitely have one or two of their songs as their favorite.

Members of the group are;

°Kirstin Maldonado, the only female member of the group. She sings mezzo-soprano.

°Mitch Grassi is the tenor singer and I wish I had his kind of pitch.

°Scott Hoying sings baritone.

°Kevin Olusola makes those lovely beats and he is a cello singer.

With the inclusion of Avin the following above stated names have been members of the singing group since 2011.

°Avin Kaplan sings bass. He left the group in 2017 and all members of the group had a mutual understanding for his reasons.

°Matt Sallee is the newest member. He joined in 2017 as a replacement for Avin. Obviously he is a bass singer.

The PENTATONIX popularly known as the PTX have really come a long way. They've produced amazing track like

√ Little Drummer Boy

√ Mary Did You Know?

√ I need your love (Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding

√ Hallelujah

√ That's Christmas to me

And many more.

Comment your favorite songs sang by the PENTATONIX or what you know or love about them. You can also try listening to some of the above listed songs🎶🎧💕

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Hello you can add music just pasting a youtube link. Try it! :à)

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6 days ago

I like them too. My favourite is cheerleader. I love listening but I never go through their stories.

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1 week ago

That's nice nice to know. You can follow them on Instagram at ptxofficial

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1 week ago

I subscribed to their YouTube.

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1 week ago

That's cool

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1 week ago