Cold Hand

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As the sun set over the small town, a young boy named Timmy stood at the edge of the abandoned playground, his heart racing with fear. He had been playing hide-and-seek with his friends when he stumbled upon a group of older kids trying to set fire to the old wooden shed.

Timmy knew he had to get out of there, but he was too scared to move. Just when he thought he was doomed, a voice called out to him from behind.

"Hey, little boy. Don't be afraid. I'm here to help you."

Timmy turned to see a girl about his age standing a few feet away. She had long, flowing hair and a kind, gentle face. But there was something strange about her. She was almost translucent, as if she were made of mist.

Without a moment's hesitation, the girl took Timmy's hand and led him away from the shed. She guided him through the bushes and over the fence, all the while keeping a watchful eye out for danger.

As they made their way through the town, Timmy couldn't help but wonder who this mysterious girl was and why she was helping him. He wanted to ask her, but he was too afraid of upsetting her.

Finally, they reached Timmy's house, and the girl led him inside. She sat him down on the couch and promised to stay with him until his parents returned.

As the night wore on, Timmy began to feel safe and secure with the girl by his side. He fell asleep dreaming of all the adventures they would have together.

But when Timmy woke up the next morning, the girl was gone. In her place was a note that read: "I had to go, but I'll always be with you. Remember, no matter how scared you are, you have the strength to face any challenge. Love, the dead girl."

Timmy was heartbroken, but he knew that the girl had given him the courage he needed to face the world. And so, he lived his life to the fullest, always remembering the dead girl who had saved him.

But little did Timmy know, that only a few short years later, he would meet his own untimely end, succumbing to a rare and incurable disease. And as he lay on his deathbed, he could swear he saw the ghostly figure of the dead girl standing at the foot of his bed, smiling down at him with love and affection.

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