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We are Great in our on Way, It Just that People See Us in a Different Way

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1 month ago

"I am an Engineer."

"I am a Nurse."

"I am an Architect."

Some people are now professionals. Holding their diplomas and proudly walking with chins up.

"I am a farmer. I didn't finish elementary."

"I am a janitor. My parents can sent me to school."

"I am a maid. This is the only job I know."

Some people doesn't hold degrees, and sometimes walked with their chins down.

Different kinds of people with their different life. Behind those life are untold stories most people don't know. Some are being praise and some are being discriminate.

We were born different from others, unique in so many ways. Some are born with a golden spoon and some are not. People with high attainment is mostly being looked up, while some with low attainment mostly being looked down. Agree or not, that's the reality of life in our society.

It's mostly similar with having a parents and being an orphan. An orphan sometimes are being criticize because they grew up without a proper guidance of their parents. Harsh words are being thrown to them. They receive criticism and discrimination.

In the society we lived in, having a good educational attainment was more acceptable. An individual who have a good educational attainment is given a good oppprtunities.

It is more seen when finding a job and applying. I am sure most of us have experience of applying for a position or a job. During an interview, question like "Did you finish your study?" "Are you a college graduate?" "Do you have a Bachelor's Degree?" is always included. The worst case scenario is that, even you are a hard working individual if you don't have the educational attainment need, you will fail.

In applying for a job, requirements are listed and it was clarified in some companies that you need to be a "2 years or 4 years graduate". People without it will be discourage and will not apply.

It having an educational attainment that important? Especially to be considered successful?

Yes, education is IMPORTANT.

But in my opinion, to be successful we have to be a HARDWORKING.

"I am an Engineer. I pass the license examination, but as of this moment I am applying in a company."

"I am an Architect. But I am still asking for a financial support from my family."

"I am a farmer. I didn't finish elementary. Now, I own hectares of farm land."

"I am a maid. This is the only job I know. I work abroad. I saved money and buy some land and build my family a house."

We struggle in different ways. We achieve success through our hardwork. Some hardwork takes a lot of years to see the success, and some easily gets the success they want.

Lives we each have are different from one other. Some we can say are great but some are not that's because we have our own perspective about success.

Life doesn't end after we succeed. Life continues as it goes.

Whatever we do, we all have a one goal... And that is to SUCCEED!

We are great whatever we do. Some people don't see it because they have their own opinion of what great is.

We don't need to prove ourselves to others. We need to prove to ourselves that WE CAN.

Thanks for reading!

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Written by   179
1 month ago
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It all a out the hard work and diskarte sa buhay. Not all professionals become successful and not all who didn't finished school are remains poor. It is all about the mindset though for the people who has degree it's easy for them to find a job and got hired but those reality is that they are all employees after all.

And sometimes people got hired based on thier experience. My supervisor back then onyl graduated an associate but she was trusted by our company to be a supervisor for 4 years. Now she's applying in a company which is JP Morgan and Chase Co., the requirements there was you need to be a degree holder before you got hired but in her case she not a degree holder but she comes with an experience so the HR considered her application and now shes there.

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User's avatar Yen
1 month ago

Tama. Hindi naman lahat kailangan ibase sa pinag aralan o tinapos. What's important is that you have the perseverance and you are hardworking. Madami dyan na hindi nakapagtapos pero umasenso.

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1 month ago

Totoo Yun. Talaga nasa pagpupursigi yon

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User's avatar Yen
1 month ago