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1 month ago

Winter nights remain colder

Everyday, even summer,

Turn left to feel it cold

You left again, can't even hold.

Maybe I'm a goner,

a dying soul, a loner,

why can't I just die a little sooner,

to lessen the pain, lessen the suffer.

Why life is always unfair,

everything's not right, full of despair

can't except everything to be just done,

When will happiness come to me, was it when I'm gone?

Mercy mercy mercy, yeah have mercy,

Why am I living in roof that's stilled icy,

When will I ever be called this building a home?

Am I really in here? Do I ever belong?

Give me time, give me rest,

Stop this agony, stop this test,

Let me live a little not just exist,

Let them know me, for I'll be miss.


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1 month ago