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This is What Happens When I Don't Make My To-Do List

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3 months ago

January 24

At the start of the year, one of my objectives is to be more organized. So I looked for ways how to do it. For years, I have tried various methods. I used a pen and a notebook. I ended up losing the notebook. I tried using some applications. It would work for some time, but afterward, my old, procrastinating habit would crawl its way back to the driver's seat and break my momentum.

It's happening again this week.

Greetings again, my dear faithful readers. and subscribers. (I'm quite grateful that my number of followers is increasing). It's the last week of January. Just as the statistics say, most people who made their new year's resolutions have already forgotten about it and went back to their old ways. At least, that's what I have read.

It seems there is a truth in though. Have you checked your local gym lately? It will no longer be as full as in the first week of January.

Going back to my topic. In the past few days, I am starting to fail to update my daily tasks. And guess what happens?

This is What Happens When I Don't Make My To-Do List

It's Monday! Last weekend I already had in mind what I needed to do this week! Especially today! But guess what. I did not put what I had in my mind into writing! I was supposed to make a weekly plan every Sunday. SUPPOSED to! Meaning I DID NOT DO IT!  And I hate it.

What Should I Have Done Today?

Here are some of the things that I should have done today.

  1. Check the submitted learning packages.

  2. Go to my client to fix their computer.

  3. Create a presentation for my class tomorrow

  4. Upload a lesson to our school's online learning portal.

  5. Meet up with my colleague in an insurance firm.

How many did I accomplish?

Three. I mean, I accomplished task number three only! That's because I found my old presentation and I just edited it a bit. I went to meet with my colleague, but I wasn't able to contact him.

What have I done instead? Played games on my cell phone and watched three episodes of Superman and Lois! Yeah, I finished the first season already!

I also did something a little productive. Like, upload a photo in Appics app. I have just finished uploading the Color of the Rainbow Photo Challenge in I made a channel for that challenge too. (

Other Things that I have Done Today

  • Apps on BlueStack - I finally got Appics running on my laptop to through BluStack. At least now I can use my laptop to make some posts there.

  • SnapSeed on BlueStack - Another app that I installed on Bluestack is my favorite Android photo editor.

  • Updated my to-do list in Evernote. It's not yet complete but at least I was able to update it earlier,

What I need to do.

I need to change my daily schedule a little bit. Like, I can't stay up late every night to write my articles. I need to find a quiet place an hour earlier in the day. I want to spend my whole evening with my kids.

I need to set a schedule when I can watch my TV shows and movies.

Definitely, I need to cut down on my time playing games on my phone. It's one of the unproductive activities that consume a lot of my time in a day.

In Closing

Here is one thing that I should always keep in mind. If I don't make my to-do list, I will be drifting again and go about in a day without direction. I will do things as they come, and waste most of my time on unproductive activities.

The to-do list will set my direction for the day. It will remind me what I need to do for each day.


Without this, no method, no applications used for time management can ever help me.

And just as my design says...

I can! and I will!

Thanks for reading.

Thanks For Reading.  

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Written by   276
3 months ago
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Speaking of that new years resolutions, your right. it only work during our first to second week but later own we will forgot it already and do what we used to do. I don't know why were like this. We cant move on that easily with what we used to.

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3 months ago

It's our human nature... the need to be in comfort all the time.

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3 months ago

This is a great reminder that 1 I have not been as productive in the areas that I wanted to be because 2 I get side tracked too easily because 3 I have not made my normal todo lists ! Writing this will get you back on track John :)

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3 months ago

That is true. I think sometimes we need to wear that thing they make the horses wear so they can't see on either side and focus on what's in front of them. hehehe

$ 0.00
3 months ago

hehe oh yes the blinkers we call them, you are right, we need that tunnel vision!

$ 0.00
3 months ago