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Should I Try Out WordPress on A Free Hosting Platform again?

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2 months ago

This is already long overdue. I wanted to create my own WordPress site. However, I can not afford a three-year plan under Hostgator or the other well-known paid hosting. I created a site under, but it is quite slow for me and there are so many limitations.

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Hello, my dearest Wonderful readers! One of my goals for November is to launch my personal WordPress site. But since I haven't played around with WordPress for quite some time, I wanted to try it out first on a free hosting platform. But I know that these free WordPress Hosting platforms have some drawbacks.

In this post, I will share with you the following:

  • Why I wanted to have my own WordPress site;

  • Should I Go For A Paid Hosting or A Free Hosting?

  • Disadvantages of Free Hosting Platforms

  • Should I Try Out WordPress on A Free Hosting Platform again?

Why I wanted To Have My Own WordPress Site.

I have multiple reasons actually.

  1. Promote my RedBubble designs. I have designs uploaded in the print-on-demand platform, RedBubble. But I am not marketing them. One way of promoting them is by creating my own blog related to those products.

  2. I will use this site as part of my portfolio and start offering Website design/development services.

  3. As I mentioned above, this is my "practice" site as well.

  4. I want to promote my articles in through this site.

  5. In my article, How Do We Spread BCH Awareness and Promote Adoption, I mentioned there that one of my plans to spread awareness of BCH is to write about it outside the BCH/ Cryptocurrency realm. This includes creating my own Website.

  6. After I start offering my services on Fiverr and, I will promote my services here as well.

Should I Go For A Paid Hosting or A Free Hosting?

If I can afford paid hosting right now, I would grab one right now. But the problem is, I can't. The $2.95 or something a month can be availed only by getting a three-year contract and paying it in advance. so that's 2.95 x 36, that's $106.2. hmm. Maybe I can afford it after all. Considering my earnings in and

But why consider a free WordPress Hosting Platform?

For now, the main reason is, my WordPress skill is quite rusty. I think I need a few weeks to sharpen my knowledge and skills again.

So for testing purposes, I want to use free hosting first.

However, using a free hosting platform have some major drawbacks.

Disadvantages of Free Hosting Platforms

Here are some of the major disadvantages of using free hosting platforms

1. Storage and Bandwidth limitations. The bandwidth limitation may not matter for me at the moment. However, the storage issue might. I signed up for one of the free hosting the other day. After installing WordPress alone, I already used 35% of the free storage. I haven't even customized it yet.

2. Frequent downtime. I encountered the message below a number of times. I'm not sure what's causing this error. But it is quite discouraging.

Screenshot of the frequent error that I see.

3. No or limited technical support. If you are not a techie, you may need this. And the free hosting platform offers almost no technical support. Though I may not need it, there might be some occasions that I will need it.

Should I Try Out WordPress on A Free Hosting Platform again?

Writing this article helped me come to a conclusion or answer to that question.

For testing and practicing purposes, YES, I will. I am going to try WordPress on a Free Hosting Platform. But will I use it as my temporary personal website? I don't think so. It might just discourage visitors from coming back.

Screenshot of my WordPress Dashboard on a free hosting

However, I will save up the needed amount for paid hosting. Another option I am considering is to get a low costing maybe for a year. So for now, I am going to move back my schedule for my website sometime in December or even in January.

At this point though, I am still open to suggestions.

Thanks for Reading

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Written by   198
2 months ago
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Some are really just commenting but not reading the content. And I did it here. So pardon me, lol. (I just saw your irrelevant comment in my article l)

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2 months ago

My dear friend, what a good idea you have in your head, it would be great to advertise your articles on your site, and I think that it is better to implement what you have in mind on a free platform first, if in all respects as you wanted go on, after that you can use paid hosting, I wish you success...

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2 months ago

If you think you can make something out of your site then it's better to go for paid hosting. Coz they will take care many of the technical things) support. Good to see you are taking time and analyzing before taking the action. Good luck.

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2 months ago

I use mostly for republishing my old contents from defunct paying sites and with affiliate links :-D

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2 months ago

It is good that you weighted things out before deciding. At the end, it is you who will decide. All the best.

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2 months ago

No doubt, you really have a good plan but it's up to you to decide if you have enough to fund it so that you won't get stuck halfway but if you ask me, I'd say it's a good idea

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2 months ago