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Learning From My Mistakes - Working to Achieve My Dreams

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1 month ago

I had a very slow week last week ( I barely earned $20 with only two articles in and a few uploads and interaction in

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The problem was, I did not make any plans for last week. I drifted again. No direction. Just did the things to meet the deadlines and nothing more. A failed week, perhaps. But as Natalie Gulbi says...

"When you fail you learn from the mistakes you made and it motivates you to work even harder. "

And that's what I'm doing this week... work even harder.

Hello, wonderful people of readcash. It is September 21. We all make mistakes. Sometimes we realiz>"e those mistakes on our own, sometimes we need someone else to point out the mistake(s) we did. If we don't recognize our mistakes, then we are failing ourselves. We are missing the chance to learn from our mistakes and improve ourselves.

I will share with you today the actions that I am taking to make a the last ten days of September as productive as I can. And I will share some of the topics that I plan to write and some of the things that I need to do in the remaining days of the month.

Why Make A Post About this?

I have two reasons.

One. Writing it down and sharing it makes it clearer in my head. This is more like a note for myself.

Two. There's a saying that goes:

"Wise men learn from their mistakes, but WISER men learn from the mistakes of others." - unknown

So if you want to be wiser, learn from my mistakes... I mean learn from the mistakes of others, so you don't have to make that same mistake.


Before anything else, I would like to emphasize that everything here is based on my own experience. These are not an expert's advice.

The Tools

I have mentioned in my other posts that I am now exploring Zoho Notebook as my alternative app for Evernote. (I need to write about these two apps). With the Zoho app, I can create colorful notebooks for different subjects. And in each notebook, you can create different notes. The notes can be linked with other notes if needed. And you can add text, audio, images, and checklists. (Yeah, I really need to write about the Zoho Notebook app).

Get Organized.

Since the classes have resumed, I now have some other things to do outside of my writing and posting activities. So managing my activities is a necessity. I admit that I'm never good at organizing my activities. I was used to my happy-go-lucky lifestyle for decades. I go where my feet will bring me. Even when I draw sometimes, I would just let my hands draw without really thinking of what I wanted to draw. (Wierd, huh?). Living for each day and not thinking of tomorrow.

Image Source: Unsplash

But, where did it get me? Not that my life is miserable right now, I'm contented with my life. I always am. But there is something lacking. What about the future? What about the future of my family? I need to give more than what I am giving them now. I know I can.

To do that, I need to be organized. And that can only be done with proper planning. No one can build a tower without a blueprint. And that's what I am doing. If I wanted to achieve my dreams. I need to make plans. I need to make plans in accomplishing smaller tasks that will lead me to achieve my bigger goals.

The Plan of Action

I already listed down my life dreams and look at them almost every day. The list and pictures motivate me.

In terms of financial value, I decided how much do I need to earn per year to achieve my dreams.

Then I decided how I need to earn for each month.


I have had this plan for many years now. My frustration was, I could not find the right means to get to my dreams. I even tried selling real-estate properties and insurance policies... but selling is not just my thing. It's my biggest weakness

Hey! @LucyStephanie, will you teach me how?.

Year after year, I got frustrated! Are my dreams too big for me? Sometimes I wanted to give up on those dreams. Thankfully, I did not.

Using my Passion To Earn

Moving Forward, I finally found a way to earn from my passion... or passions rather. Illustration, graphic designs, photography, and writing.

Going back to my plans...

Before I drift out of topic, here are my plans.

In my Zoho Notebook, I created several notebooks. One for the topics I wanted to write, different notebooks for things that I am studying (e.g. using Instagram and Pinterest for marketing), and a notebook for this month. And I will be making a notebook for each month.

Screenshot of my Zoho Notebook

In the monthly notebook, I create weekly notes with my weekly goals, including the topics that I wanted to write.

Then I created a daily note which is linked to my weekly notes.

In the daily notes, I divided my day into four. My morning tasks before breakfast. Then set of tasks after breakfast and before lunch. Then afternoon tasks. and lastly evening tasks.

Screenshot of one of my weekly tasks and topics to write for the week

In the early morning tasks, I included my morning prayer/meditation and exercises just to remind me. I should set some time for my mental, physical and spiritual development too. And during the day, I have set aside some time for my kids too. But when they start bugging me... most of the time, the rest of my schedule will be put on hold.

At the moment, I don't want to cram up my schedule with too many tasks to avoid stress. And for now, I allow or forgive myself if I can't strictly follow my schedule. Just like, I intended to write this article yesterday afternoon. But it took me longer to finish the previous task so I did it today.

Some of my tasks for the next ten days.

  • Write at least 7 articles. Plus one fiction.

  • Study how to use Instagram and Pinterest for social media marketing

  • Rejoin Steemit ( @Momentswithmatti see you again there soon!)

  • Create at least three samples for my "gigs" for Fiverr and And create my profile for the two platforms. I will try to hit two birds in one stone here.

I want to focus on these four for now. I still have my teaching job to deal with.

To Sum It Up

Based on my life goals, I created smaller goals which I plan to achieve within a year. Then divided them into smaller parts as my monthly goals. Then cut them down further into smaller parts for my weekly and daily tasks.

These plans will set me in the direction where I wanted to go. But it would take discipline to stay focused in that direction. There will be distractions and other factors that might take me out of focus. I have to consider them and make the necessary adjustments so I can stay in the right direction.

I don't know what the future holds. But adding a little faith, I know I will soon achieve my dreams.

Thanks for reading

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Written by   120
1 month ago
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That are achievable. Thank God you've made a to do list, it will make things so easy for you.

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1 month ago

Yup. And I'm almost done with my list for today. So I need to make some updates for the rest of the week. And I feel relaxed.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

It's good to make plans and act on them or else, there won't be any change to it. You have created plans for this remaining days in this month and I am sure they are easy and you only need to be focused and determined to follow them promptly.

$ 0.02
1 month ago

Yup. The list helps me focus on the things that I need to. Thanks.

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1 month ago

Being able to chop bits of tasks or doing all of them at once it one sitting helped me a lot. When we set goals and schedules, it becomes easier to hit them as well.

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1 month ago

see you in steemit sir! please let me know so I can get you to the steemitphilippines community too..

$ 0.05
1 month ago

Thanks. I'll just check the school schedule for the week, and maybe I get back into Steemit by Friday. I got my old account, but I can't seem to create that token thing... I'm thinking of creating a new account

$ 0.00
1 month ago