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How To Earn Bitcoin Cash Without Investing For Pinoys

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How To Earn Bitcoin Cash Without Investing For Pinoys

This is the long delayed second part of A Newbie Guide To Earning Bitcoin Cash Without Investing For Pinoys.  If you haven’t read the first part yet, you can read it here (A Newbie Guide to Earning Bitcoin Cash Without Investing For Pinoys)

Earn  From Your Content

Mobile Photography. Source: Unsplash

Do you love to write? Do you love to take pictures of things that catches your attention and post them in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social network? Do you love to draw? Do you love to discuss things online?

These are just some of the things that people commonly do and share in the social network. And probably you are doing these too. The question is, have you earned a single centavo by sharing your works in the social network?

Do you know that you can earn money, by earning Bitcoin Cash from these activities?

(If you are not familiar with Bitcoin Cash, please read “A Newbie Guide To Earning Bitcoin Cash Without Investing For Pinoys”)

In this post, I will share with you how to earn free Bitcoin Cash by simply posting pictures, writing articles or doing something like you do in Twitter. And this is done through a couple websites, namely Read.Cash and Noise.Cash. In this we will cover the following:

  • How to Earn BCH From Read.,Cash and Noise.Cas

  • How To earn from

  • How To Join Read,Cash

  • What to Post in Read.Cash

  • How To Redeem Your BCH From Read.Cash

  • How To Join NoiseCash

  • What To Post In Noise.Cash

  • How To Receive Your BCH From Noise

How to Earn BCH From Read.,Cash and Noise.Cash

Let's start with Read.Cash.

How To earn from Read.Cash.

Read.Cash is a social blogging platform where you can receive tips by posting articles and comments. The tips comes in form of Bitcoin Cash. 

The tips can come from the other users who probably likes your post and wants to see more. But so far, the biggest tippers for me  is the bot known as @theRandomRewarder and the benefactor of Read.Cash and Noise.Cash,  @MarcDemesel.  

How To Join Read.Cash

Image 1. Registration form
  1. To join please click this link However, I suggest you read the next steps first before you do.

  2. Acknowledge the rules and fill up the registration form. The ‘Nickname’ will be your username. Though the e-mail address is optional, it is best that you fill it up, in case you need to recover your password later. (See image 1)

  3. The next screen will tell you how important it is to save the information that will be shown on the next screen.

  4. Copy the seed phrase and the derivation path and save it to a text file where you can easily access it when needed. You are going to need it if you want to access your “wallet” from different devices or browsers. Or in extreme case, you had your device reformatted.
    I suggest you save it in a flash-drive or in a cloud storage like Google drive (Just don’t announce that it is the seed phrase for your wallet).

  5. Just read and follow the instructions for the following steps.

ImageNo.2: Save the seed phrase the deviation path.

What to post in Read.Cash

I have read some comments and articles that only topics regarding Bitcoin Cash and cryptocurrency are earning here in Read.Cash. On the contrary, my highest earning article so far is about my personal experience that landed me into the hospital.  (Read A Night Full of Pain -

Image No.3: my top two earning articles.

And the biggest earner that I have seen so far is by @voluntaryjapan and it’s about having a choice when it comes to covid-19 vaccine ( )

So basically, you can write about anything under the sun.  


  1. Explore the different communities. Join some of these communities that interests you. I suggest you join the Filipino communities.

  2. Read some of the posts that you find interesting and leave some comments, this way, people will know you are in Read.Cash

  3. Write your introductory post (at least 3 minute read).

  4. Follow and @therandomrewarder.

  5. @therandomrewarder is a bot that gives tips to 'interesting articles' read the description of this bot and try to understamd how the bot works.

How To Redeem Your BCH From Read.Cash

Before you can redeem your earning from Read.Cash, you need a BCH wallet address. For Philippine users, you can get your BCH wallet address by installing CoinsPh app on your mobile, or join CoinsPH through the web.

In this post,  will focus only on how to redeem your CoinsPH App. 

  1. Open your CoinsPH app.

  2. Got the BCH Tab

  3. Hit “Receive”

  4. Tap "Show My BCH Adress"

  5. Copy your Bitcoin Cash wallet address.

  6. Go to Read.Cash ( and login if you are logged out)

  7. Tap the ‘wallet’ icon on top right (next to your earnings)

  8. Tap ‘Send My Money’

  9. It will take about two hours before you will receive your money (BCH) in Coins. PH

  10. You can then convert your BCH to Philippine Peso by selling.

Image No 4. Copy BCH adress
Image No 6. Enter the amount desired to send, and paste your BCH address


Don't sell all your BCH. The value of BCH fluctuates. It may rise or fall anytime. But since January, the value of BCH has more than doubled. Try to hold at least half of your earnings. That way you will earn more when the value goes up.

What is Noise.Cash

Noise is a microblogging platform similar to Twitter. You can make short posts, share photos and the likes. But make sure everything that you posts are original.


How To Join NoiseCash

To join Noise.Cash, and tap the ‘Get Started’ button at the top. Fill up the simple registration form. Note that the display name can not be changed. So make sure you put what you like. I made a mistake in typing mine and now I’m stuck with it. 

What To Post In Noise.Cash

Photos, your story, your experience, your  thoughts, your drawings, your poems. Anything and about anything under the sun as long as they are yours.

Don’t copy and paste anything that is already in the Internet especially in Facebook.

How Do You Earn From Noise.

In the latest update in Noise.Cash, it’s quite simple to earn. You make a post, when other members give your post a heart ❤, you will receive a tip between $0.01-$0.04.

Image No 7. Two of my posts with tips received.

How To Receive Your BCH From Noise

Unlike in Read.Cash, you only need to setup your ‘Wallet’ only once. Copy your Bitcoin Cash Wallet Address from you CoinsPH and paste it as shown. Make sure you include the ‘bitcoincash’ phrase.

Image No. 8. My wallet setting for Noise. Cash

Set your Minimum payout. I have set mine to $1 but you can set it a lower or higher amount. Everytime you reach the minimum payout, it will be automatically processed and sent to your BCH wallet in CoinsPH.

That’s it. You are now ready to earn Bitcoin Cash without any Investment.

One Last Note

Look for other posts that teaches you how to use these two amazing platforms successfully. If you do things right, you might be able to earn around $10 or more from these platforms daily. Some are even earning way much more.

One secret in these platforms is to  interact  with other users. Give meaningful and engaging comments on their posts.

Thanks for Reading

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Written by   278
1 year ago
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