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Thinking that those around us are conspiring against us. Paying more attention to our negative emotions. Finding difficulties in everything and believing that even small problems are insurmountable. When someone feels this way, it is because pessimism has taken hold in their life. Some people think they are pessimists "by nature". But they are wrong. No one is born this way, but it is life that teaches us to be pessimistic. As we accumulate frustrations and experiences that are hard to assimilate, we "learn to be pessimistic". Pessimism is an attitude that does not bring us any benefit; on the contrary, it plunges us into a labyrinth with no way out. Pessimism can lead us to live in a vicious circle from which we may not be able to escape.

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In this sense, we must know that our thoughts and attitudes have a powerful influence on the outcome of everything we do. We cannot sit back and wait for solutions to arrive or place all our trust in chance for good luck to cross our path. Pessimistic people believe that it is not worth fighting, because no matter what they do, nothing will change. They take refuge in passivity and hopelessness. They see the bottle as always half empty. But we can remedy this feeling of regret. Changing our attitude towards life is in our hands. Anyone who is willing to do so can take the reins and bet on seeing things in a more positive way, something that will have an impact on our mood.

 In fact, thinking about what makes us feel this way will be the first step we have to take to reorient our attitude towards life. Many times it is a matter of discovering that pessimism is an attitude inherited, perhaps, by the education we have received in our family. Then, it is to realize that we can transform this habit and change the inertia of negative thinking. To achieve our goal we must try to become more positive people to enjoy the happy moments and live our lives in a less traumatic way. It is usual that a pessimistic person always sees the future with dramatism, but in most of the occasions it is not more than a fear, it is necessary to transform our negative thoughts into more constructive and positive ones.

 Well, we must analyze what feelings cause us discomfort and lead us to these negative thoughts and decide to change them for a response more adjusted to the problem or to reality. A person who struggles with pessimism must learn not to give up when faced with difficulties or when things do not go as planned. He or she must learn to look for alternatives to overcome problems. It is important to internalize the maxim that "you learn from everything, even from negative experiences". The key lies in accepting defeat without feeling guilty or frustrated. Defensive pessimism saves people from disappointment, anguish or disillusionment, so they start from the idea that things will not turn out well.

 In conclusion, pessimism has the reputation of being one of the worst filters that we can incorporate to the perception of reality, both internal and external. More than one believes that it is a way of thinking where everything is bad, dark and sad. However, this is a cliché that we must fight. This personality should not be associated with sadness in an obligatory way. Although there are certain common characteristics in pessimists, not all of them are sad. Let's find out why. We can define a pessimistic personality as a form of behavior and thinking characterized by the fact of judging everything in the worst way. That is to say, whatever happens or may happen will always be interpreted from an approach that does not predict a good outcome.

Do you know pessimistic people?

Disclaimer: I would like to let you know that English is not my mother tongue, I may even make some mistakes in the elaboration of sentences in my posts. Feel free to correct me attentively. It will help me in my learning process.

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Written by   52
1 month ago
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