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Perfectionists are relentless in their pursuit of success, even though nothing seems to them to be enough. Almost everything causes them dissatisfaction because their level of demand is excessive and even illusory, since they think they can always do better. This is the reason why not meeting every proposed objective ends up generating high levels of stress and exhaustion. When the routine becomes a long-distance race, the feeling of lack of time to reach the goal is very common. However, if we also add a dose of perfectionism, this lack of time not only overwhelms but also suffocates. Although it may sound paradoxical, perfection is not always perfect. In many cases, and contrary to what one might think, it has many more disadvantages than advantages for our physical health.

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In fact, they tend to be insecure because of their levels of demand and are constantly having a hard time, since they want to reach such a perfection that either they achieve it or they will not finish what they are doing. Thus, to avoid these excessive behaviors it is essential to be aware of who we are and to value our virtues and efforts. There is nothing wrong with striving to do things to the best of our ability, but we must be aware of our limitations. Frustration at not achieving perfection in everything is the curious paradox of perfectionism. This trait has devastating effects on our physical and emotional health when it occurs in excess. Normally, perfectionism begins to appear in childhood and tends to increase progressively in the student stage.

 However, this trait does not have to be present in all areas of a person's life, although it usually extends to all of them. Some people are perfectionists only at work, in sports or in relationships, while others strive to be perfect in every area of life. There are many factors that can come into play. Perfectionists also tend to have high levels of anxiety which, added to the insecurity factor mentioned above, lead them to suffer so much that they can have anxiety crises, excessive fatigue or even a lack of motivation when they do not achieve what they set out to do. As we can see, perfectionism is not a search for the best. It is pursuing the worst part of ourselves, the part that tells us that nothing we do will ever be good enough or sufficient.

 In that sense, self-demanding is fine, but always within limits. Chronic dissatisfaction is toxic and leads us to perfectionism and demanding. Knowing how to transform it into a positive feeling will help you balance your life more easily. Chronic dissatisfaction is not only a social phenomenon, but also a personal and individual problem. You may feel that usually nothing fulfills you, you find yourself overwhelmed by what you have to do, and once you do it, you find no reward. In addition, it is distinguished by the need for constant approval from others and the feeling that you are never on time, there is always something pending that can be done better. If this happens to you, you are also likely to feel that everything makes you bitter.

 Finally, dissatisfaction can give you signals that something needs to change in you or in your environment, and this can be positive if you know how to take advantage of it. It becomes harmful when you prolong the complaint and discontent, dye your life with ambition and focus on the past or the future instead of the present moment. The desire to control everything makes you unable to relax and forget what is really important: to enjoy the little things. Generally, the will to do things well and to be organized people is confused with control and the search for perfection. Both of these are not in themselves negative, as they are characteristics that can be associated with people who are involved in what they do. However, the ideal of perfection can become a problem if it becomes the sole and ultimate goal of our existence, an addiction.

Are you a perfectionist?

Disclaimer: I would like to let you know that English is not my mother tongue, I may even make some mistakes in the elaboration of sentences in my posts. Feel free to correct me attentively. It will help me in my learning process.

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Written by   52
1 month ago
Topics: Life, Psychology, Blogs, Human, Mind, ...
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It's hard to be with perfectionist people, we may end up having a hard time dealing with their standards.I don't have a lot of flaw and mistakes in life, which I can say that I am not looking for something perfect but what is just right and enough for a certain time.

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1 month ago

Yes, my friend, you are right, it is very difficult to deal with people like that. And even more so if it is a family member or close friend. And if it is your partner the situation is even more uncomfortable. Greetings.

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1 month ago