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List of top ten richest people in Bangladesh

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According to the information given by Forbes, the international arms trader Dr. is at number one in the list of the richest people of Bangladesh. Musa bin Shamsher. The amount of his money has been mentioned as 12 billion US dollars which is 96 thousand crore rupees in Bangladeshi rupees. Ahmed Akbar Sobhan, chairman of Bashundhara Group, has been named as the second richest businessman in Bangladesh by Bangladesh Bank and other sources in the report. Whose assets amount to 3 thousand crore rupees. Beximco's Salman F Rahman (Tk 2,600 crore), 4th Partex's MA Hashem (Tk 2,500 crore), 5th Abul Khair's Group (Tk 2,300 crore), Chittagong's BSRM Group's Tk 2,100 crore ), 6th Akij Group leader (Tk 2,000 crore), 7th Akij Group leader (Tk 1,600 crore), 8th Chittagong PHP Group leader (Tk 1,600 crore), 9th Ragib Ali (Tk 1,500 crore) and 10th Head of S Alam Group (Rs. 1,300 crore). It is worth mentioning that the London-based Sunday Telegraph covered the royal life of Prince Musa, an international arms dealer born in Bangladesh, in 2006. There, the name of Prince Musa came up as one of the ten most dangerous arms dealers in the world.

1. Musa bin Shamser: Musa bin Samser is currently the richest man in Bangladesh. However, he is better known as Prince Musa. Musa, a child from Faridpur district of Bangladesh, is still a mysterious man to many. He is said to be the pioneer of Bangladesh's manpower export trade. He is the owner of Datco Group.

According to Forbes, Musa bin Shamser has a net worth of ১২ 12 billion (about Rs 95,000 crore). Of this, বিল 7 billion is stuck in Swiss banks due to legal complications.

Musa used a 16 carat ruby ​​in his costumes and accessories. The price is 10 million dollars. He also wears a ruby ​​worth ৫০ 50,000. He also wears a diamond worth হাজার 50,000 and an emerald worth লাখ 100,000. She wears jewelry worth more than লাখ 6 million on a daily basis or on special occasions. Some of the suits he wore were inlaid with gold thread. He has never been seen twice in a suit. Each suit costs five to six thousand pounds. Every day he bathes in rose water. And he does not drink Bangladeshi water. He drinks water imported from abroad.

He wore diamond-studded shoes worth a million dollars per pair. Her collection includes thousands of inlaid shoes.

He uses a কোটি 10 ​​million Mont Bulk pen. Only one of those pens made in France has been made by the manufacturing company.

2. Salman F. Rahman: Founder and owner of Beximco Group. He owns about মিল 600 million. He is the Chairman and Entrepreneurial Director of IFIC Bank Limited.

Bangladesh Export-Import Company or Beximco started their journey in the early 1962s. Barter trading was their main business. Beximco started investing in the manufacturing industry in the mid-seventies. Boximco invested in pharmaceuticals in the 1980s after the opportunity for private investment in the pharmaceutical industry. Then comes the investment in the textile sector. Now Beximco has included the aviation sector in its 'core business'.

3. Ahmed Akbar Sobhan (born February 15, 1952): He owns about মিল 600 million.

Owner and entrepreneur of Bashundhara Group, the second largest industrial group in Bangladesh in terms of market value and financial growth.

This wise and far-sighted businessman founded Bashundhara Group to consolidate the industrial and trade sector of Bangladesh. Although it started with housing, Bashundhara Group's business has expanded day by day in various national and international sectors including production of cement, paper, steel products, LP gas, construction of commercial complexes. The group owns the country's top four media houses (Dainik Kaler Kantho, Bangladesh Pratidin, Daily Sun and Banglanews).

4. MA Hashem: Chairman of Partex Group and UCBL Bank. He owns about মিল 500 million. Chairman of Partex Group.

The former minister built his house in Dhaka at a cost of Rs 250 crore. The designers and engineers all came from France. He owns two private banks in addition to the Partex Group. He owns City and United Commercial Bank.

5. Azam J Chowdhury: He is the owner of East-Coast Group. Chairman of Prime Bank and Soul Agent of Mobil Jamuna Lurbikant. Azam J Chowdhury's full name is Azam Jahangir Chowdhury. He was born in Hossainpur village of Kulaura upazila of Moulvibazar district. Born into a middle-class family, Azam now owns about ৪ 410 million.

Azam spent his childhood in Kulaura. He passed SSC from Navin Chandra High School in Kulaura and got admission in Sylhet MC College. He later completed his Masters in English from Dhaka University and devoted himself to business in 1981. Then he did not have to look back. After the establishment of Prime Bank, he was elected its chairman. The former chairman of the bank is currently the MD of Mobil Jamuna Lubricants. In addition to being the director of the English daily News Today and Ekushey TV, he is also involved with various business groups, including the director of the international courier T&T.

He founded the Eastcoast Group, a multinational company, in 1989. Later, Green Wage Industries Ltd. set up a 210 MW power plant at Ghorashal Power Station and Siddhiganj. He is also the owner and director of Bangladesh Trade Syndicate, East Coast Shipping Line, Greenways Industry, East Coast Trading, South Asia Plastic Company, Green Delta Insurance Company. Azam J Chowdhury, former chairman of Green Delta Life Insurance, is also the president of the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

. Gias Uddin Al Mamun: He has a contracting, real estate, hotel and shipping business. The amount of money is 400 million US dollars.

. Ragib Ali: He is a successful businessman in the tea production business. He is the chairman of South East Bank.

He owns about মিল 300 million.

. Shamsuddin Khan: He is the Chairman and Director of AK Khan & Company Ltd. He also owns about মিল 300 million.

Prominent community leader, chairman of Beyani Bazar Cancer Hospital, proprietor of Maharani Restaurant, former president of UK Awami League, chairman of UK Awami League Advisory Council Alhaj Shamsuddin Khan Kari has been honored with Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding contribution to the restaurant industry.

9. Iqbal Ahmed: He is a businessman from Sylhet. He is successful in the seafood business. He is the Chairman and Director of Seemark Group Libco Brothers Ltd. He owns about-250-290 million.

10. Saiful Islam Kamal: He is the Chairman and Director of Navana Ltd. and Navana CNG Ltd. He also owns about ০ 290 million.

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