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Que Sera Sera

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8 months ago

The term "Que sera sera" (which means: what would be would be) has been the language of most people especially youths in this generation. Well, if I hadn't known better, I would have followed the bandwagon of the 'what would be would be' proclaimers. But I know better and you should too.

What would be would not always be? That's the truth in 3D. Lols.🤣

To make anything be in your life, you have to pray, plan, prepare and appropriate those things into your life.

It's not so much wisdom to sit around expecting tables to turn around in your favour. That's not even faith! I mean faith doesn't sit around swinging legs and watching TV all the time. Day in day out.

You have accepted the situation you are in right now because in your mind it's Que sera sera.

But 'hell' no. That's the language of those who are complacent, and those who are unwilling to take responsibility of their lives and the happenings around them.

My dear, what will be will not always be. In fact, anything that be are those things that you make happen. So that begs the question: what things do I make happen in my life? Quite simply, those things are multi faceted. It is either good, bad, ugly, uncomfortable etc. You should be concerned with: which one do I settle for?. It isn't just moving with the crowd's opinion, it's about doing your own thing in a unique way and thereafter feeling proud about it.

You should have it at the back of your mind that you are a product of the thought you conceal in your mind. The mind is subconscious and so if you feed it with positive vibes, it is going to bring forth positive vibes. on the other hand, if you feed it with negative vibes, it is going to bring forth negative vibes. The most annoying thing about this is that you just find yourself succumbing to this effect subconsciously.

That's why we should be very careful with what we feed our mind with. Que sera sera is part of that bad mind food. Remove it from the mind's food menu or roster and replace it with food like: "I believe I will be the best in my niche", "I will soar higher and higher", "I will never settle for less" to mention but a few.

Take responsibilities. Go through the birthing process. Pray, prepare and plan as you move ahead. You deserve thumbs up as you can do it.

Everything follows a process. If it seems like it is getting bored and you are getting stressed out, endeavor to relax without derailing.

Also remember that great men didn't turn great in a day. They stayed consistent even in the midst of obvious uncertainty and discouragement from different angles.

What will be will only be if you make it happen?

What would you do differently today?

Thanks for reading!

See you on the next one!

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Written by   41
8 months ago
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