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Lose yourself! What we can learn from EMINEM’s blockbuster single till date

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2 years ago

First off, let me thank you for coming in to read this article. It is the best decision you made today. Right? Well, probably. giggles Ok, let’s jump into it.

The world as we see it is one large land mass filled up by people. Across the length and breadth of the world, you must see people doing different things. Billions of information are being spread on a daily basis, therefore you wouldn’t be wrong if you say humans get easily distracted.

Many people has got misplaced priorities not because they don’t plan themselves from the get go, rather because they fail to keep focus regardless of the many distractions around them.

We are going to take a close look at Eminem’s hit track “lose yourself” and use the song’s message to revive our interest in achieving our goals.

Lose yourself is a song that was written, composed and recorded by the famous American rapper Eminem, from the soundtrack to the 2002 motion picture titled 8 mile.

The track is indeed his best-selling single till date. The track also made history as the first rap song to win an Academy Award for best original song at the 2003 ceremony and also won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Solo Performance. Prior to writing this article, I haven’t seen the “8 mile” movie, so because of the songs richness, I promised my music self that I am going to see it and I eventually did. Trust me it is quite interesting.

You may ask; why does this song matter or why is it significant? What's this guy talking about? **Just relax with a bottle of soda and read on..

In simple terms. It did matter because of the strong message that is laced in the song. If you are quite observant while listening to songs, you would confirm that the instrumentals, rhythm and lyrics all combine to create a theme that symbolizes the title of a song.

A typical example is Nelly’s 2010 song titled “Just a dream”. While listening to the song, I realized that the background instrumentals symbolized a “dream” theme and just makes you flow easily with the song.

For Eminem “lose yourself” the instrumentals and Eminem’s rapping ability symbolizes adrenaline rush which gear you up to wake up from your slumber and achieve that goal of yours.

In the songs intro he said;

“Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity

To seize everything you ever wanted

in one moment Would you capture it

or just let it slip? Yo"

That’s just the summary of what the song entails. Eminem is addressing his fans and everyone that opportunities comes one in a lifetime and as sane people, the only option we got is to seize it all. The rap verse will take you up on a smooth ride on a tarmac and finally off into the sky on the wings of the songs hook.

The hook is as follows;

You better lose yourself in the music

the moment You own it, you better never let it go

You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow This opportunity comes once in a lifetime.

These powerful lyrics says that we have to seize every opportunity we are given to better ourselves and make it count. To do something, you do it with passion and you own the moment. Sometimes you only get one chance at making it great, like the moment Eminem got to meet with Dr. Dre, He sure made it count and got to record with Dre.

Dr. Dre on the other hand was criticized by his recording team for accepting to sign a white rapper in a black-dominated music genre: HIP-HOP but however, Dre had said: "I don't care if you're purple; if you can kick it, I'm working with you.

What this means is that you just don’t know who is out there waiting to work with you and you will never know if you don’t give your best shot to any opportunity when it knocks.

The best practice is to treat every opportunity as if it is the last.

Dr. Myles Munroe once said; “The wealthiest places in the world are not gold mines, oil fields, diamond mines or banks. The wealthiest place is the cemetery. There lies companies that were never started, masterpieces that were never painted… In the cemetery there is buried the greatest treasure of untapped potential.

If you want to earn cryptocurrency massively, give it your best shot

If you want to become a great musician, give it your best shot.

If you want to become a great sportsman, give it your best shot.

If you want to become somebody of great repute, give it your best shot.

Let your work be greater than your wishes. You will succeed!

Thanks for reading!

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Written by   57
2 years ago
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