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Leadership as I see it

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2 months ago

Leadership is an opportunity to serve and help the people you are called to serve become better. Whatever better means to them and also to you.

When you give responsibilities to people it is with the intent that they will learn and grow, build capacity and competence.

You recognize their strengths and weaknesses. Help them see the need to leverage on their strengths and also deal with their weaknesses.

Sometimes you may be appreciated and celebrated for your efforts and sacrifices,

Other times you may be misunderstood and criticised.

Leadership gives you the full package - the good, the bad and the ugly

You can't want the good alone and not learn to handle the not-so-good.

As a leader while you want to achieve your vision and goals always remember to find out from your team what their expectations are. What do they want to achieve as a result of joining your team.

Always strive for a win-win situation for everyone.

A win-win is possible. It has always been possible.

The disciples of Jesus had plans too. Why they decided to follow Jesus and they voiced out their dreams and aspirations.

They asked Jesus that what will be their rewards for leaving their family and everything behind to follow Jesus. And Jesus gave them a break down of their rewards both on earth and in heaven

This is what leaders do. People serve the vision because they see themselves in it.

They understand that the fulfillment of their purpose is in the fulfillment of yours. So they journey with you. In this context it is not selfishness.

It is the law that governs growth and greatness - SERVICE.

Thanks for reading!

See you on the next one!

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Written by   39
2 months ago
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