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A Worthy Note To Some Champions

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7 months ago
Topics: Truth, Hacks, Inspiration, Growth, Healing, ...

Feeling inferior or having low self esteem could be traced to how you see yourself and how you see others.

If you think somebody is better than you because of what they have that you don't have then your mindset is been conditioned wrongly by you.

Nobody is better than you so to speak. They can be more gifted, talented or skillful than you but not better than you because they can only be better than you if you are dead and in hell and they are either still living or in heaven. That's the way I measure my worth with others.

Every material thing they have today I can have it tomorrow so they are not better than me. Everything they have achieved in life I can do likewise. So nobody born of a woman is better than me.

They may be talented or gifted or skillful than I am yet I won't be intimidated by that because I have strengths too they may not have.

I could be talented in areas where they are struggling. All you need do is to advertise your strengths and not your weakness.

Your weakness don't need any advert. It tends to advertise itself by itself so why endorse it.

Focus on your strengths and quit talking about your weaknesses like you have no strength worth celebrating.

Regardless of your past it's your choice to either be influenced by it or be transformed by it.

Nobody's doing you a favor by loving you neither are you. Nobody has the right to make you feel less special.

We only give people the right to treat us more or less by first how we see and treat ourselves.

People will think twice before telling you trash or treating you like a beggar (especially those close to you ) when you see yourself not a waste bin where people can come and drop trash.

If you think you are special you will be treated as one that's human behavior for you.

Think right and you will live right.

Thanks for reading!

See you on the next one!

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Written by   41
7 months ago
Topics: Truth, Hacks, Inspiration, Growth, Healing, ...
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