Love and tea

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2 years ago

The taste of tea is in a delicate drink. Decades ago when atish was young and was not in life till the concept of wheelchair, one of our scientist friends came from Islamabad to Lahore. Our responsibility was to feed them the ice cream of orange flower from chaman and they would eat ice cream until their heart was shaken. Such a gamble, which was well after attending a conference abroad, I could not love the same person shahid. Now I said, "brother, there are four sons," she said. Do not say... Something happened that there was a conference in the cold country... One day in the evening, sitting on one of the chairs outside a cafe, sitting on the outside of a cafe and drinking tea mug, a young couple sat on the table with me, whose fragrance of love I felt. I could not understand his language. They say that throughout the hour I was jealous of them, then I thought in my mind that we could not love Pakistanis and I came up from there. I said, where did the Pakistanis come from in the whole story and their love.. So during this one hour, I was asked for five mugs of tea, and the couple who had asked for the mugs of tea an hour ago, kept them in front of them, who kept the waiter warm in the oven and kept them in front of them, and they kept filling the sip of love with the tea bags. We do not even enjoy tea and drink.

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I'm a tea lover here. No one to share that with, but that's okay because my love for tea will never change! Herbal teas are my favorite and seem to be much healthier on my body! Not long ago I even experimented with created my own teas using fresh rosemary. 😁

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2 years ago