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Thirst And Hunger for God.

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10 months ago

Blessed are those who Hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.(Matthew 5:6)

INTRODUCTION: Thirst and hunger means intense desire and longing for something. When a person is thirst for water , nothing will satisfy him until he gets water to drink. If a person is hungry, if he is not fasting, nothing will appeal much apart from food. Lack not physical hunger and thirst in a person is a sign of ill-health and will eventually lead to death.

Water,Food have vital role in life and in life to come.

What we must Be Thirst and Hungry for

  1. Communion with God: Through the praise, the word, meditation and prayer (psalm 1:1-3, 42:2-2, 1st Peter 2:1-2)

  2. Christlikeness (2nd Corinthians 3:28)

  3. Perfection (Matthew 5:48)

  4. Holy Spirit (John 7:37-4)

  5. Fellowship with the brethren (Hebrew 10:25)

  6. Soul Winning (John 4:31-35)

  7. Heaven (Revelation 21:1-8).


  1. Those who thirt and hunger after God will be filled with right and vibrant relationship with God.

  2. They will enjoy peace and intimacy with God.

  3. They will be Christ like.

  4. They will be filled, anointed and guided by the Holy Spirit

  5. They will enjoy the blessings of soul winners on earth and in heaven.

  6. They enjoy answers to prayers.

  7. They will be spiritual and not worldly or carnal Christians.

  8. They will enter heaven at last.

Pray without season.

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Written by   44
10 months ago
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By hunger for God is by doing in holy way. Thirst for holy things, read the word of God, meditate in word of God and do God will. Serve Him with your hole heart. God bless you.

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10 months ago

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