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The Golden Microphone

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2 months ago

Hello, everyone!

This is a fictitious story and just a product of my creative imagination.

Hope you like it.

There was a ten-year-old boy who had known globally because of his golden voice. His name is John, he is an extra ordinary kid. Many great professional singers wants to have a collaboration with him. Because of his golden voice, he helped his family rise from poverty. John is a very kind hearted person. He helped his mother in selling water and snacks in the terminal.

One day, while walking in the street, he saw an old lady who is very tired and very hungry. So, John helps the old lady to sit near the post and he gave water and snacks for free.

The old lady is very thankful to John for she hasn’t eating for almost two days. “Thank you very much apo”, the old lady said. “You’re welcome lola, by the way why are you walking alone in this busy street?” John asked. The old lady was busy eating and her mouth is full, so she can’t speak clearly. So John let the old lady finished first.

Then after, the old lady asked John what he wants as a compensation of what he done. “No it’s okay, don’t worry lola”, John answered and stood up to leave to sell his goods. The old lady get something in her bag and give it to John. “This is for you apo,” the old lady said. When John saw what it is, he is so shocked and curious. He gets the thing and eyed it in focus.

When he about to ask the old lady, it was gone, he didn’t notice that it was left already. He was so curious why the old lady gave her an old wireless microphone. It has a lot of scratches and rust, but the real color gold of it is still visible in some parts. John loves to sing but because they are poor and he kept his time selling in the street and he never experiences singing in a video-ok.

Out of curiosity, John tries to test the microphone. John sings without noticing that the people in his surroundings stop what they are doing and walks towards John because they are amazed by his voice, and some are recording. After he sings, he notices that the scratch and rust in the microphone was disappeared and it look like a brand new microphone.

John was really happy because people in his surrounding like his voice. During the night, the old lady visit John’s dream. “With the help of this microphone, you will be known everywhere in the world. People will love your voice and your dreams will come true”, the old lady stated.

And then the next morning, the video of John singing in the street got viral all over the world. Lot of opportunities came and many people help him after knowing their status in life. And that's how his life change.

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Written by   7
2 months ago
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A wow?manghuwam kod iyang microphone dae be😄

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