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Part 4: A potential career path or not?

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2 months ago

Hello, earthlings

This is the last part of my reflective essay on the webinar series about creative industries that possible job opportunities as taking the Bachelor of Culture and Arts Education degree program.

This creative industry is Publishing Industry and Local Library Museum and Art Galleries.

Working in the publishing industry, libraries, museums, and galleries necessitates certain skills and characteristics.

Communication skills, organizational skills, business and marketing skills, creativity, writing skills, teamwork ability, and honesty and integrity are among them.

Working with different people, collaborating, and interacting on a daily basis is a common denominator for those skills.

Visiting and working in a museum is one of my lifelong ambitions. Being surrounded by great artworks that are culturally significant is magical for me. We can see the artists' emotions, the message, and the culture that is depicted through their artworks.

As I've said before, I want to be an advocate for preserving and promoting culture, and this creative industry will provide the ideal setting for me to do so.

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