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What it means to be Human may be Expressed in a Variety of Ways

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5 months ago

While contemplating several things, I suddenly thought of something. The ability to communicate is the most crucial ability a person can possess. That is what I initially thought of.

As I continue scribbling my pen while writing down some thoughts, I read something that we communicate with others and with ourselves throughout our lives. Each of us has a unique life story to tell, and we must learn how to do it effectively.

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Art is just another form of expression, just like every other kind of communication. Be it acting, painting, writing, playing musical instruments, or other ways to convey thoughts and emotions. We're looking to share, communicate, and sympathize in all of our creative endeavors.

My favourite mode of communication is via writing. Forming a well-thought-out statement is a gratifying experience. The excitement of finding exactly the perfect word to conclude a statement, and witnessing your own feelings and thoughts come alive via these fundamental symbols.

I believe that writing has a special power. When we write, we are sometimes urged to think about ourselves and the things that are most important in our lives. It helps us figure out what we want to say and how to express it to others in a way that they can comprehend.

Aside from that, I have recently become interested in baking. I don't know how to bake, but I want to try it. This is another way to express ourselves, so I searched for a lot of things to know about baking. The following things are what I have found out.

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It's a rough and serious learning curve for someone who isn't accustomed with the meticulous manner and accuracy of baking. Small adjustments may have a significant effect when it comes to baking. It's more critical to get the measurements and ingredients right than it is to simply cook. Yeast can't activate properly until it's in a warm environment, such when creating bread.

Proportions are more specific, and time and temperature are more critical than cooking soup, for example. Cakes, on the other hand, are notoriously more difficult to make and prepare. Cookies and pizza dough are two of the simplest recipes to master-somewhat lenient in their tolerance for mistakes. Making a multi-layered pastry dough requires a lot of repetition. If you don't keep this in the fridge, the layers will get mushy and sticky.

Reading all this stuff is really difficult to understand, especially as a beginner in this area. So I also read some basic things about baking, and the things mentioned below are what I have learned and understand.

Baking is a complex field. It requires great attention to detail, precise weighing of materials, and careful attention to the room's temperature, all of which contribute to the success of a pastry. When it comes to baking, a single error, a single mismeasurement, or even just a few minutes may make all the difference in the outcome. There is no denying that learning how to bake may be challenging, particularly when you lack the right equipment and supplies.

Listed below are several methods for learning how to bake.

Class in baking

The best approach to learn how to bake is to work with a professional who has already mastered the art. If you want to be a professional baker, you need enroll in a recognized baking school.

Cookbooks/Recipes Available on the Internet

You can learn how to bake in great detail from cookbooks and the internet. You have a higher chance of success if you do everything right. Although most recipes aren't meant for novice bakers, there are a few exceptions that do employ terms that non-professionals may not be acquainted with.  

The haven of lots of tutorial videos, Youtube

It's a great method to learn something by seeing someone else do it. There are a plethora of baking tutorials available on YouTube, from novices to specialists. Start with easy recipes like chocolate chip cookies or brownies, then work your way up from there.

Indeed, there are lots of ways for us to express ourselves and what you have just read are two of the possible things to do. Hopefully, you have learned a thing or two from here. have a wonderful day, everyone. Thank you!

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Written by   6
5 months ago
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