Post-Modernism generation and Challenges of World

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2 years ago

For centuries, man has been playing with the peace and tranquility of this planet. It looks destroying natural reserves,God-gifted resources and ecosystems is the only way left for humans to survive in this universe. The war between the nature and human race continues from the very first day. Technological advance livelihood accompanied by concrete artificial environment rendered man far away from nature. But nature retaliates back anyway. From floods to global warming, forest fires to earth quakes and locust attack to Coronavirus pandemic, nature hits back harder.

Biologist and experts of life sciences have already warned about the pathogen sability to spread in this climate. Fortunately, we have solutions in tackling these issues. Delaying the application of solutions could have serious consequences.

We are in unique moment in the history of world. The present generation is facing questions that have never arisen in human history. That crisis world is facing today have solutions and we know the solutions. The solutions are feasible and in hand,but it's not enough to have their academic knowledge. Somebody has to work with it. That's the burden this generation is facing.

It's a severe responsibility and exciting challenge. If it is not met, we will literally face the end of organized human society.

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