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Hi bot, i missed you so much!

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1 year ago

Recently i notice that you haven't come to visit my wall or to read some of my new articles. and i really felt jealous with other who you always give an eye to them.

Was my work is not enough? (memaLangs)

I thought you always there for me to view what i am doing or writing but I'm wrong.

I'm happy for them, know that i am even if i can't understand ,I'll take the pain. Just give me the truth .

Me and my heart, will make it through if happy is them . why would I'm not happy for you all.

I miss you when i can't sleep,or right after coffee, or right when i can't eat. I really miss you in my notification, from the nights and days that you don't remember me .

Do you miss me like i miss you? Seeing you on my notification .

I'm always tired, but never of you.

I type a text but you never mind that.

If you don't like me ,you would just say so.

Hahayssss .... (Any any na)

Sad to say but i really missed you bot. It's been a week since you notice me . and that's made me really feel bad.

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