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The d-day

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5 months ago

I reflected back to many d-days in life today.....and I realised how much progress I have made in life.

I remembered my mistakes, regrets but most importantly I remembered I achievements, I remembered my wins I life, I remembered my joy, I remembered my testimonies .

Today was our competitive Parade for Lagos camp Batch B,2021. Batch B, platoon 8,my platoon came 4th in position..

At first, I felt sad, that after much effort, it was fourth position.

I looked around and got the same reaction from my comrades. I became thoughtful the next minute we did better than yesterday even if we did not win, and that is progress, I won even if man can not affirm my victory.

Immediately I rejoiced, I became grateful, not just for my wins today, but f0r every blessing I received, for every insight I got.

I meditated on my wins, achievement through dinner hours, and I realised how many people are ungrateful for their achievements, for life lessons, they don't think progress, instead they think how much they are behind, how much they are failing, how much they lack. Worry that is all they do.

Hmmm, I choose not to worry, I choose to press on to greater achievements, I press, I win.

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This is reality,😬

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5 months ago