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wPAW Guide: Wrap, unWrap, Swap

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5 months ago
Topics: Paw, Wrap, Unwrap, Swap, Bsc

Hello. In my previous article as a PAW guide, I said that you can buy and sell PAW with PancakeSwap. In this article, you can see how you can buy and sell PAW via PancakeSwap; then I will explain how you can withdraw the PAW you bought to your wallet. If you are ready, we can move on to our article, but first, I would like to make the article more understandable for you by explaining some small definitions in advance.

What is wPAW and what is the difference between PAW?

wPAW, or wrapped PAW, is the coin named PAW on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). wPAW and PAW are equal. The biggest difference is that wPAW is traded on a different blockchain. So you cannot withdraw your money from wPAW directly to the PAW address. The opposite is also true. You cannot send your PAW funds directly to the wPAW wallet. We have to use "bridges" for this type of money transfer to different chains. In this article, I will show you the use of bridges in detail.

1) Setting up the bridge

For trading, we need to build the bridge and introduce both our BSC wallet and our PAW wallet to the system. For doing this you should open the bridge web site here:

After entering the site, press the "Connect" button.

Now you will see wallet alternatives that you can connect with your BSC wallet. Here you choose your own BSC wallet. I will continue with Metamask.

Then you will see two different options for logging into the system. I choose "I'm new to wPAW". This way I can use PAW in the validation phase.

Now you should write your PAW address in the first box (PAW address HERE box)

Then press the "Continue" button. Check the address you wrote in the second step. After checking, press the "Continue" key. At this stage, a notification will come to the BSC wallet you have linked. Here you sign the contract that will link your PAW address with your BSC address. In the last step, you need to send PAW to the PAW wallet with the address and QR code to complete the transaction. A send of 0.1 to 1 PAW will suffice.

When your job is complete, you will be greeted with the following page:

You can convert your deposited PAW into wPAW by depositing PAW with the "DEPOSIT PAW" section.

With the "WITHDRAW PAW" section, you can withdraw your wPAW as PAW to your PAW wallet.

With the "SWAP" part, you can buy BNB and other BSC tokens with wPAW or vice versa, you can buy wPAW with BSC tokens or BNB.

Finally, you can add wPAW to your BSC wallet with the "Add wPAW to Metamask" section and check your wPAW balance from your wallet.

2) Wrapping and Unwrapping (+ How to deposit and withdraw from the system?)

Now let's try how to convert PAW to wPAW step by step:

First of all, we click on "DEPOSIT PAW".

Then the following screen will appear:

When you send PAW to the PAW address written here, the PAW you deposit will be reflected in your wallet account. I have closed my own deposit address as your PAW deposit address may be different or change. After waiting for a while, PAW will be reflected in your account as follows:

Congrats! Now you can swap the desired PAW amount at homepage! As you can see in the figure, we enter the amount of PAW we want and press the "WRAP" button.

After you approve the incoming requests in your BSC wallet, wPAW will appear in your BSC wallet. If you want to unwrap, change the direction of the process and enter the amount of PAW you want to unwarp:

After your unwrap is finished, click "WITHDRAW PAW" to withdraw your PAW balance. You will see a screen like this:

After entering the amount of PAW you want to withdraw from here, you can send your PAW to your registered PAW wallet by pressing the "WITHDRAW" button.

3) How to use swap?

You can access wPAW <-> BSC trading pairs from the "SWAP" section above. You can either sell wPAW or buy wPAW.

And also reverse of that:

I hope the article I wrote was helpful to you. If you have any questions or stuck points, let's meet in the comments. I wish everyone a good day.

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Written by   25
5 months ago
Topics: Paw, Wrap, Unwrap, Swap, Bsc
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