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Vite Wallet Trading Guide!

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4 months ago
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Hello friends! Recently I have received many messages wondering how to trade decentralized with Vite exchange. I could have explained this to you in two different ways: using a computer and not using a computer. I will explain how you can do this with the wallet on your phone, without using a computer, in order to make it as simple as possible. If you're ready, let's start!

What you need:

  • Vite wallet

  • Optional: The wallet of the other coin we will trade

In this article, I want to go over the coin called PAW, which I introduced to you before, because PAW is not normally on the Vite chain and is traded on its own blockchain. In this way, I will also explain how to do cross-chain transactions.

In this case we will need: Vite wallet and PAW wallet.

1) Let's open and fund the Vite Wallet!

You need to fund your account! In my example PAW has 2 trading pairs: PAW/VITE and PAW/USDT
I deposit some small amount of VITE to show how to do this trade.

2) Enable PAW in Vite Wallet

For enabling a coin or token you should follow these steps:

Click the "Add" button that you can see in the picture.

Search the name of the coin (2) and add it in your Vite Wallet (3)

3) Go to trading section and transfer your funds to trading account!

Go to trading tab. You will see a screen like that:

To start trading, you need to transfer your funds from your wallet to trading account. For doing this, check the trading pair. Click this area and search for a coin or token that you want to trade:

In this case, I'm searching for PAW:

After finding the pair, choose it. Your trading screen will change with the pair that you choose:

Now you can transfer your funds with this transfer button:

You will see a transfer screen like this:

Enter the desired amount and click this Transfer button at the bottom:

Now you funded your account and you are ready for a trade!

4) I finished my trading! How can I withdraw my funds from Vite Wallet?

First you need to transfer your funds back to your main wallet (reverse step 3). After that you can make crosschain deposits or withdraws like this:
Open the token page that you want to deposit or withdraw:

You'll see 2 option: Cross-Chain Deposit and Cross-Chain Withdraw. Click the desired option. You will see a warning page like this:


After that you can deposit or withdraw your coins!

So, basically, you know the steps of trading now but don't forget to make your own research before investing and READ EVERYWHERE CAREFULLY before doing anything on the app! You can ask me your questions if you couldn't understand a place. See you later!

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Written by   25
4 months ago
Topics: Trade, Guide, VITE
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