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Investing Experiment 3: Witnessing the Deep Collapse

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8 months ago

We left behind the third month of the experiment. As if the entire market was waiting for me to start this experiment, it started to collapse. Although we made good profits at the end of the first month, we made a loss in the 3-month period, and we continue to do so. We must all agree that this is not a correction. Now we have to admit that we have entered a straight bear market. However, I do not regret that I started the experiment, because with this experiment we will see how we can overcome a bear market with the least damage with a portfolio distribution. I believe we will discover ways to get rid of a few minor scratches, thanks to this experiment, while the whole place has turned into a blood bath. Let's be optimistic, be patient, read, research and try to evaluate suitable investment opportunities until the day these days pass.

You can reach my second month update here.

Before starting the analysis of this month's data, this is the third months graph:

For the third month I want to check these criterias again:

Has the 3-month rate of return surpassed Bitcoin?


Are we at a profit or a loss with this compilation?

We got 155,86$ loss.

Is it more profitable to invest in bitcoin alone or is it more profitable to invest in mixed?

For the third month, mixed portfolio made less loss than bitcoin alone.

What are the top winning and biggest losing cryptos?

For the second month, our top winner is Terra(LUNA)[71,64$ profit] and our biggest loser is Verge(XVG)[47,63$ loss]

While the profit of our best performing currency increased compared to the second month, the loss of our worst performing currency did not increase significantly. The most important factor in the increase in our loss compared to the previous month is the general loss table in the portfolio. Not a single coin has suffered a great loss, but in general, the collective loss has grown as each of our coin has suffered small losses. This again shows that our portfolio is working and buffering the loss. If we examine the percentages, our worst coin, XVG, lost 47%. However, the total portfolio loss stands at 12%. In other words, the overall portfolio performed 4 times better than the worst coin. If we examine it for Bitcoin, there is a loss of around 24% in BTC. In other words, the overall portfolio performed 2 times better than BTC.

At the end of my article, I would like to remind you; The contents of this article are not investment advice. Always do your own research. Have a nice day.

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Written by   25
8 months ago
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