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Investing Experiment 2: Extreme Fear Effect

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9 months ago

As you know, we have left the second month behind in the investment experiment I have been doing. This month, we lost what we gained in the first month, and we also made a loss. The reason for all this is not that our portfolio is bad, but the intense fear in the crypto markets. Of course, although I think how temporary this situation is, it is a factor that will make the performance of the experiment worse this month. The good thing is that this month's loss will provide us with another very good data! Many people sold their cryptocurrencies because of fear. Thanks to this experiment, I think we will find answers to questions such as how long would it take for them to make a profit again if they did not sell with fear, and whether the hodl method alone is effective enough. The bad market caused by the bloodbath this month gave me 3 new article ideas. Anyway, now we can review this month's data.

You can reach my first month update here.

Before starting the analysis of this month's data, this is the second months graph:

For the second month I want to check these criterias again:

Has the 2-month rate of return surpassed Bitcoin?


Are we at a profit or a loss with this compilation?

We got 108,81$ loss.

Is it more profitable to invest in bitcoin alone or is it more profitable to invest in mixed?

For the second month, Bitcoin focused investment is better than mixed portfolio.

What are the top winning and biggest losing cryptos?

For the second month, our top winner is Helium(HNT)[49,74$ profit] and our biggest loser is Swipe(SXP)[41,26$ loss]


This month, we are in a total loss compared to both the first month and the first investment moment. The reason for this is the "extreme fear" pattern that dominates the entire market. I expected occasional declines over the long term, but not in the second month of our experiment. However, I think this is a temporary situation and I am of the opinion that it is something that will not affect the long-term results. However, if we had started the experiment as of now, that is, if we had bought a dip, our long-term earnings would probably have been higher. Let's see what next month will bring us? Until we meet in my new post, bye.


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Written by   25
9 months ago
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Some random hyped tokens had a good time. Not worthy trying to find one in hundreds IMO. I got Bitcoin Cash as my main investment. In 20 years my kids will own a mansion each.

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9 months ago

Just a mansion? Fill your bag little bit more then... 😉😂

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9 months ago