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Experiment: Original Investment Portfolio Simulation

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10 months ago

Hello, today I decided to start an experiment that I have been planning to do for a long time. As everyone knows, the cryptocurrency markets are quite active. People are trying to earn big incomes in the short term. This gambling-savvy trend is spawning tons of cryptocurrencies that are clones of each other. We see that a new swap token or a new Bitcoin alternative comes out every day. Their only concern is to be the best in the market, but they can't go beyond being a copy of each other. Of course, I will not talk about animal tokens that are derived every day. Many of them can't go beyond being a pyramid scheme anyway.

Before going into the details of the article, let's make our classic warning: The contents of this article are not investment advice. Especially this portfolio is an unreal simulated portfolio designed to observe the market with completely superficial information.

When we consider all these, it is very difficult to be an original project in the market. Today, I have created a virtual portfolio created with only superficial information for you. While creating this portfolio, I paid attention to the following:

1) Does it bring an innovation to the market?

2) Is it generally known?

3) Can it be purchased from major exchanges?

4) Is it different?

Considering all these questions, I determined 12 cryptocurrencies. There are coins in them that everyone knows or has never heard of. Of course, this list is a list that I have created based on my personal observations and superficial research. I'm sure the number can be increased. I followed this way for ease of observation. While following the portfolio, I will consider the following parameters:

1) Is the 1-year rate of return greater than 12%? (This comparison has been added to compare the income of a person who only buys USDT and earns 12% interest. Generally, USDT interest rates range from 10% to 12%)

2) Has the 1-year rate of return surpassed Bitcoin?

3) How has the market order of the project changed?

With just a few simple parameters, I will follow this portfolio for 1 year, providing monthly updates. At the end of a year, I will look at how many of the conditions I have mentioned above are met.The preview of the portfolio I prepared is as follows:

Now let's move on to the part why I bought which coin:

0) Bitcoin: This is our test sample. I added it to make it easier to compare the overall portfolio. It is not included in the virtual investment.

1) Polkadot: Besides being a single chain, it has the ability to form independent chains within itself and is the first prototype in this field (as far as I know).

2) Terra: Company that carries out projects on the creation of crypto equivalents of fiat currencies.

3) Bitcoin Cash (aka Bitcoin killer): The currency that came out after Bitcoin and that I think will be a better alternative to the monetary system than Bitcoin. I chose it for reasons such as transfer speed, transfer number advantage.

4) Cosmos: I chose it because of its ability to bridge multiple blockchain infrastructures.

5) IOTA: I chose it because of their work in the field of Internet of Things.

6) Helium: I chose it because it provides machine-to-machine connections on a physical blockchain.

7) Swipe: Payment system infrastructure project that acts as a bridge between crypto and fiat currencies.

8) Verge: I chose it because TOR is interactive as well as being a privacy coin.

9) Ocean Protocol: A company that works on the sharing and processing of information

10) Status: Blockchain messaging app and ETH wallet designed on privacy

11) Orchid Protocol: Blockchain based VPN service

12) LBRY Credits: YouTube alternative streaming and video sharing social media platform

I did not include the following on this list:

-Swap or exchange coins,

-Better dApp alternatives,

-Banking tokens,

-Aimless pet coins,

-Game coins.

If you want to follow the portfolio I created, here is the CoinGecko link where you can observe the real-time change:

Now is the time to sit back and observe a year of change together. Have a good time everyone...

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Written by   24
10 months ago
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