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Integrating BCH on the micro-business and public services in PH

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1 year ago

For an introduction, many people here in the Philippines are aware of the existence of crypto currencies, especially Bitcoin Cash.

People here are quietly investing in the Crypto world because of government warning and centralized establishment like banks were pertaining to adopt and use the old folk or system to centralized.

Based on the survey that conducted last February and march OECD or Organization for Economic Cooperation Development published 2019. Almost 74 percent among the respondents Filipinos are aware of the crypto currencies.

Stated that

  • " The level of awareness, however, ranged from “not very well” (27 percent of respondents) and “to some extent” (20 percent) to “very well” (17 percent)."

It is enough to harvest those people and start making a vast community of Bitcoin Cash in the Philippine islands.

  • How does the proposal works?

Since they are many users of mobile phone in the Philippines and almost 43 million internet users. Which can be the greatest milestone for introducing the Bitcoin Cash System.

What are the benefits and function of the Bitcoin Cash in the micro-business and public services? And how it does works?

In the field of micro business. Sari-sari store and middle-class store can be influenced by bitcoin easily.

Nationwide we have 800,000 individual sari-sari stores and the community can influence them by demonstrating the process of the blockchain of Bitcoin Cash.

After that put tarpaper of BCH in their Store indicating that they accepting Bitcoin Cash payments.


  • Bitcoin cash is decentralized so that no one can own this or hold except the entrepreneur 

  • Bitcoin cash has a small number of transaction fees and the value is not constant. (They can earn by adjusting the values of per quantities of BCH)

  • Bitcoin cash can easily send it without tangible materials like money.

  • Bitcoin cash is flexible in different kinds of payments.

  • And lastly, they can use it as their passive income for their entire business.

So how's about Public services?

In this field, there are many ways to introduce bitcoin cash.

First in the Public Utility Bus and Jeeps. Since the Philippines is one of the progressive countries and it can handle some basic technology in the blockchain. There is a possibility that it would be more helpful in the economy.

This is the classic and montage Jeepney model.

But this one enhanced and made a new model of jeeps. Which can handle BCH payments for the future. (If there is one community will push on making this thing happen.)

This is a new model of the jeep which uses with Beep Cards. This beep cards used to pay the services of new jeepneys. I hope this one will replace by using Bitcoin cash try QR codes. Jeeps and busses can upgrade their payments from the ticketing system into BCH payment using QR Codes, Cash accounts, and coins ph (not sponsored).

I hope we can introduce these because it can help many people to save their time and energy.

Hospitals and Charity should collaborate on making this kind of payment using BCH. Because there are a lot of Charities here in the Philippines and they need to upgrade their old folks.

the advantage of having BCH payments in Charity is they can ask donations to the international without getting approval by the government. And this is one we can help anyone especially to those who are in the poverty line.

if we created a stronghold community we can implement this.

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Written by   175
1 year ago
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